Monday, November 15, 2010

What the hell?

San Francisco 49er offensive guard was benched this week because he skipped a practice to see the birth of his son.  Now here comes my question.. WHAT THE FUCK?  How can you bench your starting guard for seeing his son born?  Jesus Christ Mike Singletary, you have to be the biggest fucking douchebag in the world!
  The only reason Chilo Rachal played this week was because his pussy of a backup got hurt.  According to the "San Francisco Chronicle" Rachal disagreed with the decision.  Quote:  I'm a competitor, I want to play!"  You fucking think so?  If I'm Rachal I walk up to Singletary and punch him right in the cocksucker!  Call him an old ass motherfucker then kick him in the goddamn nuts!
  This isnt about team unity or anything.  This is about seeing your child come into this world!  I promise you that if any boss of mine would have suspended me or fired me over seeing my kid being born he/she would still pulling my boots out of their asses!
   If I'm the owner of the San Fransisco 49ers I get my fat ass out of my fat cat office and take a walk down the stadium steps and kick Mike (douche) Singeltary right in the fucking nuts!  Then I either fire his damn ass or suspend him without pay for a few weeks.  Mike Singletary in his day was one of the most intense middle linebackers to every play in the NFL.  I used to love to watch his ass when he played!  Infact I remember watching him play at Baylor University.  My lord above he could play defense!
   That was 20+ years ago.  Now it's time to grow up Mike and show some fucking compassion.  Were you able to see your children born?  If you did, was it the most special moment in your life?  If so motherfucker, give me a goddamn break and treat this warrior like a human being and get off of your fucking soapbox!
    Chilo Rachal I want to say congratulations for the newborn!  You my friend will be a great daddy.  You Mike Singletary can suck my cock!

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