Monday, November 29, 2010

Another day at the local high school.

  Last Tuesday or so at our local high school 15 to 25 students get suspended for wearing barets and other kind of girls shit to school.  Now I like our principal but I've got to wonder what the fuck he's thinking.  Were these kids causing a disturbance?  We're they causing a fucking riot?
   I pull up to the high school to pick up my freshman daughter and I see two police cars sitting their with officers talking to a gentleman.  Now I don't know the whole truth so I wont try and go on about it.  The only thing I do know is that a parent of a student is arrested for voicing his opinion.
  What the fuck is going on at our local high school?  Back in my day, our assistant principal would grab you by the neck and throw you into a locker and tell you to shut the fuck up.  Now we've got police involved with everything.  I follow what goes on in the high school because first of all my daughter goes to this high school.  Second of all my oldest daughter graduated from their last year.  Third of all I graduated from there 25 years ago.  My wife and I are a minority that still live in this town that went to this school.  We love this school and town and want the best for it.
  In the last few month we've had a "success coordinator" arrested for spousal abuse.  Nothing happened.  You talk about a town pissed off!  We've got shit from the last few years that still have members of the community pissed off.  We're talking how an administrator stole from the local Wal-Mart and never got fired. We're talking about how a principal decides to ban a former HONOR student from the school grounds for "freedom of speech".  Just because the principal didn't like what the former student had to say.  Now I've said it once before, I like the principal.  He just needs to get his shit together.  He's suspended students for freedom of expression and banned a former student for freedom of opinion.  I guess this principal doesn't understand the constitution very well!
  This principal has decided how students can act and not act while in school.  Thats ok in my book.  Just dont invade their rights by the constitution.  If by chance some little snot nosed puke is causing a problem, then bring down the hammer on them.  If by chance some little tough guy wanna be is fucking with fellow students, then bring down the goddamn hammer on them.
  Little shit like this needs to be addressed but given some kinda leeway.  Be tough but know when not to be an asshole!  It's pretty simple as that.  If you question my reasoning on this, let me know.  I'll debate you all day long on how to address employees or anything else in that matter.  I've been there and done that.  Infact, I deal with it each and everyday!

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