Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Real American Hero. (Pat Tillman)

  On September 11th 2001, American was attacked.  The largest attack on American soil ever.  Most of us will remember what we were doing that day.  I know I remember.  I was at home asleep after working all night.  I always sleep with the t.v. on for some reason.  I thought I was dreaming about all of the activities when my beautiful wife called me and asked me the towers had fallen.
  I woke my groggy head up and looked at the t.v. as I was talking to her.  It's then I seen the second tower go down.  I watched the tragedy live.  It still sickens me to think of that plane flying through that building.
   After this sad time in American history, a lot of citizens took action by signing up with our armed forces.  American pride took over and they wanted revenge.  President George W. Bush was pretty much shitting himself when we invade Afghanistan looking for Osama Bin Laden who claimed to be the man behind these senseless acts in New York City. Not to long after this invasion, Bush tries to lay blame on Saddam Hussain and we also invade Iraq.  Thats another story for another time.
  About this time a young man by the name of Pat Tillman decides to enter the Army.  Thats all good and such.  The funny thing is that Pat is a multi-millionaire football player with the NFL's Arizona Cardinals.  He's so moved by the bullshit going on in the world, he gives up millions upon millions to help his country.  This is the quote he gave as he bacame an Army Ranger:  "Sports embodied many of the qualities that I deem meaninful.  However these last few years, and especially after recent events, I've come to appreciate just how shallow and insignificant my role is... I'ts now longer important."  WOW!  Thats a deep man with some serious shit on his mind!
  Pat gives up 3.6 million dollars to join the Army Rangers with his younger brother Kevin.  Before Pat leaves for his military assignment, he marries his highschool sweetheart Marie.  Tillman and his brother were assigned to the second battalion of the Army Rangers.  Both served missions in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Pat and Kevin then went on to serve in Afghanistan to serve in Operation Enduring Freedom.
   On April 22nd 2004 Pat Tillman was killed in action while in a canyon in eastern Afghanistan.  First reports indicated he was killed during a firefight with insurgents for the Taliban.  A week later we found ourselves at a funeral.
   Pat Tillman was eulogized in a national televised memorial service.  Senator John McCain delivered the eulogy.  As details emerged, Tillman's family began demanding answers.  They knew something was wrong with the answers they got about Pat's death.  BULLSHIT was abound.  People were lying and they wanted to know what the fuck was going on!
  After a small investigation, it was told to the parents and the world that Pat had died by "friendly fire".  Still, the Tillman family wasn't buying the whole story.  There's more bullshit going on.  After more investigation it was finally known that Tillman's platoon was split in half after their vehicle broke down during a routine search of an Afghan village.  What happened next was that Taliban soldiers attacked the U.S. soldiers.  Half of them were getting attacked when the other half came to rescue.  Thats when Tillman was shot 3 times in the head while protecting his fellow soldiers.
  It came to light that the USA knew he was dead from friendly fire within 24 hours of the tragedy.  The USA lied and made up shit to protect their collective asses.  Thats bullshit!  The Tillman's know in their minds that their is more bullshit being hidden from them.  They want answers!  They want answers now!  We all want answers now!  Get your shit together people of importance!
   Another quote from the Tillman family: "This isn't about Pat, this is about what they did to Pat and what they did to a nation."  By making up these false stories, your diminishing their true heroism."  "The truth might not be pretty but that's not war's about."  "It's ugly, it's bloody, it's painful." "It's painful. And to write these glorious tales is really a disservice to this nation."
    Amen!  Fucken eh!  These people who run this nation of ours are true cocksuckers.  They need to be brought up on charges for tons of bullshit they've done to America.  Infront of the line should be our former President George W. Bush.  You sir, are a liar.  You sir are a piece of shit!  You sir should be brought up on war crimes for your actions!  You sir are a total fuck head!
    God Bless Pat Tillman.  God Bless Pat Tillman's family.  God Bless the men and women of the United States that protect our country!  Fuck you George W. Bush and your bullshit ways that have ruined this fine country of ours!

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