Saturday, November 20, 2010

Basketball Season is here!

  If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a sports junky.  I've mentioned before how I love college sports.  A close second is high school sports.  These athletes are the ones working hard to get to the next level.  Not all kids can play sports in college but a few can with hard work.
   Tonight I was helping one of my good friends who is a high school girls basketball coach "scout" an upcoming foe.  Along with my beautiful wife who loves all athletics, we made the hour plus drive to the ball game.  My friend, (who we will call "Cake") myself and my wife are going to watch the #4 ranked team in the state for girls basketball in Class 3A.
  I have an 18 year old daughter who graduated last year that played for "Cake".  He knows his basketball well and loves to teach it to the best of his knowledge.
  Girls basketball is a different breed of basketball.  There are fouls everywhere.  Girls falling all over the goddamn place.  Pushing and shoving!  Bitching and moaning!  
    The teams start out.  Both teams are a little nervous because it's the first game of the year.  The Mustangs have a great player who has been an all-state player for 2 straight years.  She's looking good but she's making to many mistakes to start out with.  The one thing I have to honestly say is this.... Girls fall down to fucking much while playing basketball.  Now the good ones don't.  Why is that?  Thats something that will bother me till the day I die.
   Girls are more rough then boys.  This is true.  The problem is, they don't need to be!  The good ones don't get stupid and get rough.  Why can't girls dribble?  This makes no fucking sense to me!  Why do girls attack the ball like a pack of wolves?  DON'T!  If you have one or maybe two players attack the ball you will still have 3 to 4 players open.  If all of the players attack the ball, no one can defend the basket or be able to attack the basket!
   I know girls are competitive and all but why in God's name do they bitch all the time to the coach?  Most of the time, the coach knows what he's doing.  Thats why he's the fucking coach!  Young ladies listen up!  Shut your fucking pie holes and listen to what the coach has to say.  It will do you an amount of good!
   Why do parents bitch because their "Little Susie" didnt score 20 points?  Maybe it's because "Little Susie" can't hit the broad side of a fucking barn when shooting!  Maybe she's worried her hair looks bad!  Maybe she has fucking cramps!  Maybe her boyfriend told her during study hall that he'd rather suck cock then fuck her!
   Now I know why I was so happy when my daughter graduated high school!  Good luck "Cake"!  I honestly think your team is going to do very well this season!

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