Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 10 words of 2010

I love to read.  I read between 3 and 6 newspapers per day.  3 in the paper version and another 3 online.  One of my favorite websites is www.thehuffingtonpost.com  I click on it today and find this great article about the Top 10 words of 2010.  With this discussion I will give you my view on the Top10.
   10. Simplexity:The paradox of simplifying complex ideas in order to make them easier to understand, the process of which only adds to their complexity.  Your trying to make it easier to understand?  If you need it easier, then you need to read a fucking book and get some education!
   9.  Shellacking:  President Obama’s description of the ‘old-fashioned thumpin’ in George W. Bush’s words, that Democrats received in the 2010 US Mid-term elections.  You aint a shittin when you say the Democrats got their asses kicked in the US Mid-term elections!
  8.  3-D:   Three-dimensional (as in movies) is buffo box office this year, but 3-D is being used in new ways generally describing ‘robustness’ in products (such as toothpaste).  Now how the fuck is toothpaste 3-D?  3-D isnt robust!  It's 3-dimensional!  Simple as that.  Stop making up stupid ass things for different words people.
 7.  Snowmaggedden (and ‘Snowpocalypse’) — Portmanteau words linking ‘snow’ with ‘apocalypse’ and  ‘armageddon’, used to describe the record snowfalls in the US East Coast and Northern Europe last winter.  The snow isn't going to end the world.  It's the hand of God above with earthquakes, floods, tornado's and murder.  
 6.  Deficit: A growing and possibly intractable problem for the economies of most of the developed world.  Yes we have a deficit.  Thanks George W. Bush!  You da man!  Fucking asshole.
 5.  Guido and Guidette:  Hey! All things Jersey are hot, capish? (Actually, capisci in standard Italian.)  Way to fuck up one of the greatest heritages of all time MTV.  Your making all Italians look like fuckheads.
 4.  Refudiate: Conflation of “refute” and “repudiate” (un)officially coined by Sarah Palin.  Nice use of the english language Sarah!  If she wasn't pretty hot and in politics, she'd be sucking off some whale.
  3.  The Narrative:  Though used at least since The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in 1845,  ‘The Narrative’ has recently been gaining traction in the political arena, virtually replacing the need for a party’s platform.  (Cf. to ‘truthily’.)   More gibberish from uneducated political fucks where daddy's money got them somewhere.  IE: George W. Bush.
 2.  Vuvuzela:  Brightly colored plastic horns that first came to prominence at the South African World Cup.  These plastic horns have been around for more then the South African World Cup.  It's only when they were played at the South African World Cup was it discovered how fucking annoying they were!
1.  Spillcam:   The BP Spillcam instantly beamed the immensity of the Gulf Spill around the world to the dismay of environmentalists, BP’s PR staff and the President.  Yes people our American President failed us here.  Just not as bad as British Petroleum.  These British fucks didnt care until certian standards were being put upon them.  The only thing to ever come out of Great Britain was the Goddamn British Invasion of the 1960's.  So on that note, Fuck you Great Britian!  Have a nice day everyone.

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