Thursday, November 25, 2010

Warfrog: The Man. The Myth. The Legend?

  5'11 175lbs. with curly long hair down to his shoulder blades.  Thats Ronnie "WarFrog" Britt.  He'll tell you he's 6ft tall.  He'll tell you he's 235lbs. Both are lies.  (kidding here!)  I've known this man for 43 of his 45 years.  We grew up together.  Our mother's were best friends from the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas.
   Both of these women are true ladies.  They had a lot of shit in common. Two sons who grew up to be best of friends.  After it's all said and done, we are family. With our childhood, both of us mostly grew up poor.  Our parents did the best they could.  Ronnie and I both had demons about who our fathers were but we dealt with it ok.  We both grew up kind of different.  We were both in our own world. We never seen or heard people making fun of us but you know they had to be!
   Our families moved from the Ozarks to a small town.  Once again we grew up together doing shit that kids do.  When we were younger I was more of the ornery one.  Ronnie was more of the dude who would stop and say..."Yammy!  Stop or we are going to get some spankings!"  I would laugh and go on.  The next thing you know.. Our asses would be beat till they were red as fuck!
   At about the age of 10 or so, Ronnie and his family moved south.  When I say south, I mean 22 miles south.  For a 10 year old that's a fucking country away!  I mean we are best friends but we can't be with each other anymore!  What the fuck are our parents thinking?  Ronnie's parents were thinking what's best for Ronnie, Shelly, Jaque and Klisa.  After 25 years of hating this decision, i've come to peace with it!
  Life goes on.  We get to see each other on weekends.  It's all good now!  He's either at my house or I'm at his house.  Let the fun begin!  At about this time I begin to reach out.  I'm the kid who was kicking everyone's ass whenever I could.  Ronnie was always the peace maker.  He'd stop me and tell the other kid that he was sorry for me kicking their asses.
   About this time, we are both getting into high school.  He's got shit going on.  I've got shit going on.  We still stay in touch alot.  In a NON gay way, we miss each other.  He graduates from his "TINY" highschool and moves on.  I get my diploma and I move on.  I find the woman of my dreams and he's still trying to find himself.  It's all good so far.  Next thing you know I get married to this beautiful woman and Ronnie is in my wedding!
  He gets married later and enrolls in college.  NOW here's where it gets interesting.  This fucker walks on to the football team and 4 years later he's the fucking team captain!  Hard work motherfuckers!!!  It's all about hardwork!
   Now lets get nutty and go 20 years later!  Ronnie is still Ronnie.  Goofy as fuck just like me.  He's been fighting MMA for almost 20 years for a few different promotions.  Now he's fighting for MCC out of Des Moines Iowa and he's a local living legend!  I'm proud, I'm jealous, I'm blessed to call this man my family!
  Were here in Des Moines to watch this now 45 year old fucker fight.  Why's he fighting you ask?  He has his reasons!  I will leave it at that.  I watch a few fights and get kind of bored.  I drink a few more beers.  I amuse myself by watching people.  Then the "Warfrog" gets to the ring.  Now I'm on the edge of my seat.  I have to be honest here... My heart is racing.  He's my friend and I love him.  It's time to worry just a bit!
   This old cocksucker named Ronnie "WarFrog" Britt is about to bring it on!  Family is all around.  Once again, he's not cocky, he's Ronnie.  He's in his own world as am I and this world is an invitation only place to be!  Ronnie comes out in his trusted kilt and walks to the ring.  The crowd is in a frenzy!  I've got goosebumps everywhere.  Ronnie gets his freak on in the ring with the man he's fighting.  It gets kinda nutty and all but Ronnie makes this stud give up.  Next thing you know the crowd goes nuts again!  After it's all said and done Ronnie decides at his age to jump the cage!
   He jumps to the otherside and proceeds to give his friend Marcus some respect.  Fight over!  This 45 year old man has jumped another hurdle.  Let's pray he's getting over the hurldes of life.  He's a great man.  A man I love!  A man who can make a difference if he wants.  He's someone that I tell my kids to look up too.  He's a role model!  He is A Man.  He is The Myth .. He is the Legend!
    From your family Ronnie, we love you!

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