Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why do people question?

    Today was a pretty good day.  I seen a few people that I haven't seen in awhile.  I ran into Bryant, Josh and Matt at the ball game.  It was nice to see them.  3 cool dudes with bright futures ahead of them.  Josh owes me some beer.  Bryant owes me some jerky.   Matt owes me.... Let me think... I'll get back to him!
   I went to work in a good mood.  I actually got some work done today.  After I was done with my tasks I decide to go upfront and help some of the other co-workers.  I get this one lady who comes to the register with her hands full.  I help her with her purchase.  The gal running the register rings her up.  I help her with her bags.  It's then I say as nice as I can... "I want you to have a great day."
   Right after I say this, this lady looks at me like I'm the fucking anti-Christ.  "Why would you care if I have a great day?"  This kind of stuns me... I sit there scratching my head and balls at the same time.  (I hope she didn't see my balls getting scratched)  I think for a second.  Then I respond..  "I want everyone to have a great day."  I tell her.  What the fuck am I supposed to say?  "I hope you crash your car and your head gets cut off you fucking dead beat cunt."  Now thats fucked up!
  As she's leaving, I'm thinking am I an asshole?  Did I do anything wrong?  Fuck no I didn't!  About a half hour goes by and another customer comes in.   At this time I give one of my people a break.  So here I am at the register trying to help this dude as best as I can.  Once again I try to break the silence by asking.... "How's your day going?"  He responds... "I aint dead yet."  Now how the fuck am i supposed to respond to that?
    Do I look at him with a straight face and say... "I hope you don't die soon because I need you to pay this goddamn bill?"  Do I look at him and say.... "If you die tomorrow, I'll make sure to stop by your grave and piss on it?"  Do I say.... "I'll make sure I come to your funeral and make sure your dead because your a fucking douchebag?"
   What about the crack head, toothless, hairlip twat that comes in and bitches because some of the prices are to high on the ingredients she needs to make meth?  What do I say then?  Do I say... "I'd have you suck my cock but I'm afraid your tounge will give me herpes"?  Do I grab a set of pliers and pull the rest of her rotting teeth out?  Or do I just pull out a gun and scream at the top of my lungs...."In the name of welfare abuse I find you guilty!"
     Here's my bitch people.  If someone is being nice to you, be nice back.  Don't be some angry fuck who's life sucks assholes.  Be goddamn pleasant.  It's not everyone else's fault you a dead beat cunt who's never going to amount to shit!  Lighten up and enjoy life you miserable bastards!

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