Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Micheal Vick.

  It's the 9th week of the NFL season and things are starting to come around of who's the have's and the have not's.  In the AFC East, you have the New York Jets and the New England Patriots leading the way.  In the AFC North you have the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers tied for the lead.
  Once again in the AFC South you have the Indianapolis Colts leading the division.  Look out for the Jacksonville, Jaguars!  In the AFC West, you have the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs tied up!
  Now we look at the NFC the Seattle Seahawks are leading the division.  Then there's the NFC South.  The Atlanta Falcons are taking care of business with Matt Ryan at quarterback.  Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are tied for the NFC Central lead.  Now to the NFC East...  The New York Giants were the pre-season favorites by a landslide.    Yes, the Giants are leading the division.  Well, not quite.  They are tied with the  Mike Vick led Philadephia Eagles!
   The NFL season is quite the story but not quite the story of Mike Vick of the Eagles.  At this point of the season he has to be a candidate for two awards.  The NFL Comeback Player of the Year and also the NFL Player of the Year/MVP.  This motherfucker is tearing up every defense he's played against.  Here's my quandry.  Do we as fans of the NFL forgive and forget so soon of his past actions?  Remember he's the one who went to prison for his brutal murder of dogs.  He's the one who watched and gambled as he had kill dogs in events that is against the law.  He's the one who denied he was involved with this bullshit.  He lied!!
  Mike Vick is a fantastic NFL player.  Mike Vick is a fantastic athlete.  He is one of the finest athletes I've ever seen.  In my eyes he does not deserve and NFL Most Valuable Player Award.  He needs to pay more of a penalty in my eyes before he can even think about awards!  Him being able to play in the NFL after spending time in prison for his bullshit is enough award for him!

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