Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is Hawkeye football dying?

Going into the 2010 college football season the so called "experts" were predicting the Iowa Hawkeyes being a top 5 ranked team.  The Hawks started out good.  Beat a few teams.  Thats it till they met the Wildcats of Arizona.
   It was a good game till the end but the Hawks lost a close one to the Wildcats.  Shit happens.  I noticed a few people jumping off the Hawk bandwagon but not alot.
  Then Kirk Ferentz and his Hawks went back to kicking ass.  That is till Wisconsin kicked some ass.  Next thing you know more fans jumping off of the bandwagon.  My lord people give this 4 million dollar coach a chance.   A few more ass kickings for Iowa.  They are taking names and kicking ass all over the Division I football field.  Next thing you know.  The Hawks go into Evanston, Illinois to play Northwestern University.  Guess what happened?  Wildcats win!!!  They barely knock off Indiana.  My lord they got lucky!  Thats okay.  A win is a win!
   Now the fans are leaning both ways.  Some are about ready to jump off the wagon.  Some are about ready to pull back some fans.  My lord it's getting bumpy here people!  Not to worry.  The Hawks knock off Ohio State and all is good.  Guess what?  The Hawks fuck up another game!  Ohio State wins!  Now we've lost 75% of all Hawk fans jumping off the wagon!!!  Thats ok my friends.  We've still got the game against the Gophers of Minnesota to get ready for! 
    I've got to be honest here, if Iowa loses to the Gophers I'm going to laugh my fat ass off so much I'll probably have a hernia!  Now to all of my Hawkeye fans that are friends.  It's not the team I hate, it's the fans!  Ya'll have so many opinions about shit!  Tons of people want Kirk Ferentz fired for this season.  hmmmm Remember fuckheads.  This man has done so much for this program that has never EVER been done before.  Fuck Hayden Fry and his record.  Ferentz kicks his ass all over the place.
   The experts are still saying that you'll end up in Tampa on January 1st.  So suck it up and give your team some fucking support.  Otherwise, start rooting for Kent State!

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