Monday, November 8, 2010


  I know I know I know that is the greatest thing going today for social networking.  After my daughter bothered her mother and I, we decided to get our own profiles.
   We both went through the usual bullshit and found family and friends.  We added both.  Next thing we know we have people coming out of the fucking woodwork wanting to be our friends.  
  People we haven't seen in years.  People we could care less about.  Fuck Tom from!  I could care less about his sorry ass!  Now to my questions about facebook.
  I know is the greatest thing going till something else comes along.  I know it's great for keeping up with people you know or have known that are no longer around.  I know the more friends you have the cooler you are!  (WTF?  Who has that many friends!?)
   How come people on facebook are so much cooler online then in the real world?  How come you find cousins that are straight up fuckheads acting like they are somebody they aren't?
  How come some friends are acting like they are rich fucks when you know for a fact that they are getting sued by everyone and their brother all over the goddamn United States of America?
  How come some people tell you their life is grand as all get out when you know for a fact that they are going through a divorce and are about ready to lose their house?
   How come people are retarded about their families?  I mean what about cousin Jed who's in prison for fucking a goddamn goat?  How come they condone Jed fucking that poor goat?  How come that fucking goat isnt in therapy!?!?!?!?
    What about the people who put pictures of their stillborn baby on facebook?  WHAT THE FUCK?  Trust me when I say this.  I've seen the dead baby on facebook!  I mean I can understand the grieving process.  I lost a gerbil once and I'm still fucked up to this day!  My question is.... WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD YOU PUT PICTURES OF YOUR DEAD BABY ON FACEBOOK!?
   To the fucknut who thinks he's a player in the community... Why are you such a fuck head when I can find your shit out online?  You act like a roller but are about ready to lose everything.  Are you that fucking stupid?  What about the kids who are in highschool who put up pics of themselves smoking weed or drinking some MD20/20?  Are you that fucking stupid?  Now you wonder why your fucking suspended from activities at your local school!  
    What about the welfare momma telling everyone she bought tickets to an event that she can't afford?  Everyone and their fucking mother knows that the gubment paid for it!  WELFARE rocks doesnt it?  She's going to pay for an event without having an income.  Now that pisses me off that the taxpayers are going to pay for it.  The sad thing is that the fucking whore puts it on facebook!
   What about the whore's mother who thinks that her grandbaby is the greatest thing ever?  Now I have no problem with her thinking this..  All children are precious!  Always have been, always will be!
   Granny takes her grandbaby's pics all over work with this child wearing wings like it's a fucking angel.  Kinda cute.  Till Granny speaks.  Then it gets pretty fucking stupid!  She goes on how this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  blah blah blah blah blah!  Shut the fuck up already!  
    My biggest worry is that this stupid cunt will take the baby outside onto a second story window or balcony and try making this poor kid fly!  Wanna know whats going to happen? SPLAT!  Thats because shes a fucking moron!!!!!   I hate facebook!

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