Saturday, November 20, 2010

College Football At Wrigley Field

The Big Ten Conference made a great decision to play the Northwestern vs. Illinois college football game at Wrigley Field in downtown Chicago.  The fans will be going crazy on Addison Street.  I wish I was there.  The party will be fucking huge!
  I'm hoping it's raining so the infield will be muddy as hell.  I'm hoping that the grass is slippery.  I'm hoping that we see football like we used to see football before artificial turf or even better "sports" turf!
    Then I get to reading the goddamn news.  First of all the fucking field has to run east to west instead of north to south.  (For football fans, thats fucked up!)  Then I find out that the game is so fucked up because they will only run the field one way.  It's for safety reasons!  They are afraid the brick wall will kill someone.  I can understand that.  I can understand that big time!  
  Now after I'm pissed off I have questions and I want answers!  Who's the fucking moron who scheduled this game?  OH!  Jim Delany you say?  One word for the Big 10 commisioner.  RETARD!  If you can't play the game fair all the way around fuckhead then don't play it there!
   Who's the fucktard who didn't check out the stadium before making the game happen?  Do I hear Jim Delany?  You fucking idiot!  Anyone who works under you should be fired for not telling you that your a fucking retard!
   Wrigley Field has one of the most fucked up fields ever built.  It's dimensions are wacked!  It makes great baseball and such.  Now for football, I would have made sure to check everything out.  Obviously you didnt Jim.  For this, you a cunt!  Poor Pat Fitgerald!  He's wound up like an 8 day clock and wants to kill someone.  With this arrangement, you might have fucked him over Mr. Delaney!
    I guess I'll let my rant go.  Jim Delaney for the most part you've been a goddamn genius.  For this shit, your a fucking idiot.  I'll let it go for now.   Let us pray that no gets hurt at Wrigley Field.  Let us pray that next year Jim Delaney finds a better plan for a game inside of a baseball field!

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