Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hooters vs. Buffalo Wild Wings

  On my way to watch some exciting college football, I stopped in the city where my daughter lives.  Before I got there, I asked her where she wanted to eat.  She tells me Buffalo Wild Wings.  I say ok.  I've never been there but I sure do love hot wings.  After my hour drive I finally get to my destination.  I call the daughter and she shows up for her free meal.
   We go in the establishment and get seated.  I look around Buffalo Wild Wings and decide I love the atmosphere.  Televisions everywhere!  Big screens, small screens, medium screens!  Fucking t.v.'s everywhere!  I'm in college football heaven!  We sit down and order.  I've got some dude who can't decide if he likes girls or wants some cock up his ass being my waiter.  He gives us our menu's.  Pretty simple.  It's down to earth.  Not to much bullshit for me to try and remember.  So far so good.
   We get our food and the wings arent bad.  Just something isn't right.  I mean they were good and all but I've had better.  Then I get to thinking.  hmmmmm  Where in the fuck have I had good wings at?  Ahhhh!  Hooters!!!
   Now it's time for me to review the two establishments and what they bring to the table.
  10.  Atmosphere:  Buffalo Wild Wings has the nice t.v's going on but Hooters has the wall to wall entertainment happening.  Favor Hooters.
   9.  Service:  Hooters and BWW both have great service.  I'm not gay nor am I homophobic but you won't find anyone looking or acting gay at Hooters.  Favor:  Hooters.
  8..  Napkins:  I go to Hooters and there is a whole fucking roll of paper towels for it's messy concoction of wings.  I go to BWW and I get one fucking napkin.  Favor:  Hooters.
 7.  Game Selection:  Both places have great game day atmosphere.  Both places have a great crowd getting into all the games shown.  Buffalo Wild Wings has the edge here.  More big screen t.v.'s.  Favor: BWW
 6.  Waiting time: When I say waiting time I mean time waiting for a table.  This is hands down!  Buffalo Wild Wings gets you to your table ten times faster.  Favor: BWW
 5.  Crowd Friendly:  Both have great crowds and all but Hooters are more wild.  Buffalo Wild Wings has relaxed patrons.  The older I get, the more relaxed I am.  Favor:  BWW
 4.  Hot Sauce:  When you say hot sauce, you mean you want some hot sauce.  At Hooters you have to ask for "Burn my asshole" to even get something meant to be spicy.  At BWW, you ask for hot sauce, and you get hot sauce!  Favor: BWW
 3. Drinks:  At Buffalo Wild Wings you can order a 24oz beer for 3bux.  At Hooters you have to order a pitcher of beer for 9bux.  I did the math.  Three BWW 24oz beers is cheaper then a pitcher of beer at Hooters.  Favor:  BWW
 2.  Server Attitude:  At Buffalo Wild Wings, the server acted like it was a chore to serve me my food and drink.  Doesn't he know that I leave a fucking tip when I'm done?  I've worked as a server before and I know to kiss every customer's ass!  At Hooters, the servers are falling all over you to make sure your shit is taken care of.  Favor: Hooters.
 1.  General Attitude:  At Buffalo Wild Wings, you get a decent attitude.  At Hooters you get a great attitude!  Hooters is all about making the customer happy.  At BWW, you have 14 different people taking your orders and then bringing them out.  At Hooters you have about 2 making you happy.  Favor:  Hooters!
     Now it's a tie.  I love both.  I love the breading of wings better at Hooters.  I love the sauces better at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I love the t.v.'s better at Buffalo Wild Wings.   I love the attitudes better at Hooters.
   Now let me think.  I know I love hot wings.  I know I love beer.  I know I love sports on t.v.  Let me think!
                                      Winner is Hooters.  They have some sweet tits working there!

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