Monday, November 29, 2010

Is Willie Nelson going to do serious time?

  Willie Nelson was busted the other day for having 6oz of marijuana aboard his tour bus as it was crossing border control on it's way to Willie's house in Austin, Texas.  Willie was released after posting $2500.00 dollars bond.
  Nelson was collared after his tour bus was searched and to have been found with 6oz on it.   Nelson 77, took full responsibility for the possession of the pot.
  I can fully understand the search of the tour bus at the border.  That makes sense to me 100%.  There's a great chance that on the side of the bus you could probably find Willie's name splashed all over the motherfucker.
  Now you've got some straight up fucknuts stopping the bus to do the search knowing the whole time it's Willie Nelson's.  Knowing that this good-ole-boy is packin weed!  The sumbitch has packed weed for more then 50 goddamn years.  Nice fucking arrest Barney Fife!
   Hell in some states marijuana is legal for medical reasons. Don't you think theres a great chance at Willie's age that maybe he has a few medical problems?  Maybe some glaucoma?  Maybe some stiffness in his knees?  Maybe the old fart just likes to get high!  Why don't cooler heads prevail and have Mr. Nelson pay his fine and give a donation to some kind of charity.  Remember assholes, he's 77 fucking years old.
   6oz of dope in Texas is a felony.  We're talking about some serious jail time here.  Are you going to send a 77 year old man to prison over some fucking grass?  If so, your all a bunch of fucking douchebags!  The United States Of America government has already messed with this man over the last 20 years.
  The Country Music Hall -of Fame member had to sell off all of his possessions for tax evasion a few years back.  I think that was enough for anyone!  Let Willie be Willie. Let him grow old in peace and move on with his life.  He's entertained us all for the last 50+ years and we've loved every bit of it!  Let him move on with his life people!

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