Friday, November 19, 2010

Boise State Broncos?

  I just got home from scouting a basketball game and I turn on the television.  I'm flipping channels and come to the Boise State vs. Fresno State football game.  I've known about Boise State for a few years now but still have a hard time understanding the hype.  
  That is till I watch them.  They're good.  When I say good, I mean goddamn good.  They've beat great teams in the past.  They've won a ton of games.  Infact, they haven't lost a game in the last two years.  
  Quarterback Kellen Moore is a fine left hander who can win games on his own.  He's a legitimate Heisman Candidate.  I don't think he'll win it but he just might.  As I'm watching this I realize that it's a night game.  I do my geography and realize that it's fucking cold in Idaho at night.  I mean my nipples are getting hard thinking about it.  
   Now I'm wondering how the hell do you recruit someone to Boise State?  I mean it's Idaho for Christs sake!  Now let me break this down.
   1.  We have a blue field!  Football wasnt meant to be played on a goddamn blue field!  It was meant to be played on green grass or atleast fake green grass!
   2.  We might not be Iowa but we have potato's!  Well, I have no response to this.  I really like potato's.  
   3.  We have great weather!  One response to that statement.  Great weather for a fucking Eskimo!
   4.  Our cheerleaders have bigger tits!  You bet your ass they do!  It's because of the double insulated bra's they are wearing.  They are ductaping fucking pillows to their tits  to help prevent frost bite.
   5.  We have a great ice sculpture contest during homecoming!  I bet you do!  Lord above knows you wont be having any hot thong contests soon.
   6.   Who gives a shit about sunburns?  Hell no they don't care about sunburns.  They worry about windburns!
   7.   We have real dogs here!  The St. Bernard!  No goddamn wimpy dogs like a fucking poodle are allowed!
   8.  A warm vacation is going to Minnesota!  A vacation anywhere south of Idaho is a warm retreat!  What the fuck would they do if they went to Florida?  Melt?
  9.   We can go undefeated and no one cares!  This is sad but true!  Wanna know why? Because your in fucking Boise Idaho!
 10.  We play on a blue field!  ONCE again, football was and is meant to be played on green grass or atleast green fake grass!  

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