Monday, November 29, 2010

Bad Tattoo's!

  If you look at the photo to the left, you notice a very attractive lady.  She's got a fantastic smile with beautiful eyes.  Very stunning to say the least.  My question is.. What the fuck is on her armpit?  To me it seems to be a misplace tattoo.  Did the tattoo artist mess up when placing the skin art on?  I'm thinking no.
   I'm thinking this hot girl wanted a cool tattoo and didn't know where to put the fucker.  I'm thinking maybe she lost a goddamn bet.  I'm thinking maybe she's mildly retarded or something like that.  All I know is that anyone with a set of fucking brains wouldn't put a tattoo in their fucking armpit!
   I'm looking at this more and more and still can't figure out what the fuck the art is.  Was she drunk or high when she got this done?  Does she think this is cool?  Has anyone had the balls to tell her she looks like a fucking idiot?  If not, please let her know!  Be a friend and let her know!
    If your going to get a tattoo, please think of the future and what your family thinks.  I personally love tattoos.  I have one.  My spouse has one.  My daughter has one.  Just be smart and don't act a fool!    Hopefully this tattoo won't come back to haunt you in the near future.  I'm wondering if your wanting to become someone of importance. Do you only wear long sleeve blouses?  Do you never EVER raise your left arm?  If that's your only options, then your a fucking moron!
    Remember people.  Think before you ink!


  1. thats the sexiest tatt i've seen. would love to have a look up close

  2. I have no idea why women get tattoos at all. The only leads I have are that they are desperate for attention or trying to rebel against parents who give a shit. Either that or they're just plain gullible and cave in to the peer pressure of their tanorexic friends. Tattoos are the single nastiest thing a woman can do to her body. Even under the best circumstances a good tattoo will be a blurry mess of shit in no time because a woman gains and loses so much weight with every period.