Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the world of country music.

  I've got a great family.  I've shared stories on here about them many of times.  I've got more then my immediate family though.  I've got my mother and father.  Dad is 71 years old and Mother just turned 65 this past year.  I've got a brother 11 years my junior.  His name is Vincent Alphonse.  He has a beautiful wife with two fantastic children.
  Even with an 11 year age difference, we've always tried to  be close.  The older we get, I feel we've grown closer.  He's a good man with a great family. You could say I'm very proud of him.  Infact, I will I'm very proud of him.  We try often to get together when our schedules can coincide.  It usually involves us cooking and drinking beer.  He calls himself a champion beer drinker but I have to remind him that I am still the Ric Flair of beer drinking till I want to retire.
  We're so close and because of the 11 year age difference he was my ring bearer in my wedding.  I can remember the little fucker coming down the isle almost tripping.  I still laugh about it today.  He was there when my two beautiful daughters came into the world.  For this, I appreciate him more and more every day.
  He grows older and marries a fine young lady from a fine family.    She comes from a family kinda like mine.  Country all the way.  Her parents are a class act along with her brothers and sisters.  I'm proud to know them.
  As we all know when you start meeting the inlaw's parents and the inlaw's sisters and brothers you get to meet the extended family.  It's all cool till I meet this fucker who thinks he's the next coming of George "fucking" Straight.  This know it all is the brother-in-law of my sister-in-law.  Poor girl.
   We've been around each other a time a two.  He seemed alright in my book except something about him has always bothered me.  He seems to have this attitude that his "Shit don't stink".  Wanna know what?  All shit stinks after awhile.  Everytime I see him, he seems to get on my nerves a little bit more.  I say nothing.  He's my brother's brother in law so I dont want to create waves.
  It seems his own family is sick of him but they say nothing.  That's ok I say.  Just ignore the fucker.  Like a goddamn stray dog he'll soon go away if you don't feed it.  Now the other day my niece and nephew have a birthday party.  I don't get to see the kids as much as I'd like so I take time to make time.  These kids are special to me.  My nephew is the comedian of the family and we like to fuck with eachother.  Plus sometimes he gets me beer.  God bless his little heart!
   We get to my brothers house and are sitting around bullshitting.  Him and his beautiful wife have made a fine meal.  Nothing vegetarian for me but I guess I can suffer.  Next thing you know I hear this Conway "fucking" Twitty wannabe walk in the door.  I blow him off and sip a beer.  My brother Vinny says hello to him.  I shake my head at him.
   I go on about my business for awhile.  Infact, I leave for a bit with my sister-in-law's brother Randy.(not his real name)  When I get back i notice my wife and oldest daughter are pissed off.  I figure they are mad me for drinking one to many beers already.  Thats not it.  (I'm doing ok!)  I come to find out that "Kenny Rogers" decides to berate my daughter to my own mother about her ways on "facebook."  I'm thinking what the fuck is the "Charlie Rich" wannabe doing?
   I let it go and eat some food.  I have a few more beers and watch the niece and nephew open some presents.  I again notice him flipping my kid some shit about facebook.  I say nothing because I don't really know whats going on.    We get in the car to come home and my beautiful wife goes off on me about this shit. She proceeds to tell me that Waylon Jennings called my kid into a room with my own mother and bitched her out about her postings on facebook.
   At this time I'm getting pissed.  NOT as pissed as my wife.  Now to the end of the story.  My daughter is 18 years old.  I read her facebook postings everyday.  I've never seen anything wrong.  I'm proud of this young lady.  She's a Straight A student in college studying Mortuary Science.  Mickey Gilley is a fucking bus mechanic.  My daughter has athletic and academic scholarships thrown her way over the last year.  Johnny Paycheck is a fucking mechanic.
  If and when my daughter completes her degree and becomes successful, she'll be an above average on the pay scale for most Americans.  Little Jimmy Dickens will still be a fucking mechanic!   Last but not least, Willie Nelson wanna be told me once he's a member of the "country music writes association".  I'm here to tell him I'm a member of the "suck my nuts you stupid cunt association."  Have a good night friends!

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