Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome back Dan McCarney!

   It's been reported that Dan McCarney will be named the new head football coach at University of North Texas Tuesday.  Congratulations to a fine coach, a fine man, a fine human being! 
  Coach McCarney has a pretty impressive past.  He played high school in Iowa City, Iowa where his father was police chief.  He went to college on a football scholarship to the University of Iowa.  He went on to have a shot with the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL.  
   After his stint with the Falcons, he became a graduate assistant under neath Hayden Fry with the University of Iowa.
Dan ended up coaching the defensive line for the University of Iowa for many years.  He pretty much raised his family in Iowa City.  Then his dream came true.  He was hired at Iowa State University to become their head football coach.  
   Times were tough for Dan the first few years he coached at ISU.  He had more losing seasons then you could shake a stick at!  He was tough though.  He was able to start bringing in recruits that would build the future of Iowa State football!
    Along the way, he was able to build Iowa State into a winner.  He took the team to 5 bowl games. Which has never been done before or since.  Along the way he was able to become co-champion of the BIGXII North Division along with Missouri.
   After a few years of not getting over the "hump" to get to the next level, boosters started bitching and complaining for his ouster.  If finally happened.  After his last game at home with a victory, the fans stormed the field ( I was one!!) and carried him off on their shoulders!  He was and always will be Iowa State!
   Next moves for Dan are to become an assistant at University of South Florida and then the University of Florida.  Dan and his beautiful wife own a home in Florida so this all makes sense!  Infact, he was able to help South Florida to a conference championship!  Infact, he was able to achieve another dream and win a National Championship as defensive line/assistant head coach at Florida!  Dreams do come true!
  Since he's paid his dues once again, he's getting recognized for his coaching abilities!  Here's the great part.  This son of a gun is going to talent laden Texas to become a head coach.  McCarney's biggest attribute is his recruiting!  I can't wait till he sets down in Texas and starts recruiting there.  He can charm the panties off of a preacher's wife in a fucking heartbeat!
   I forcast he brings North Texas to a winning season within 2 years and moves on to another semi-major coaching job.  Trust me when I say this North Texas.... You've got one hell of a fucking coach!  Good luck!

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