Friday, November 5, 2010

All American?

  If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge high school and college sports fan.  I delve everyday looking at stats and game scores.  I love the by-lines of every game gone by.  I love to follow the good players in highschool wondering where they will further their careers in college.
   Once such player is a kid named Harrison Barnes of Ames, Iowa.  He graduated last year from Ames High School ranking as the number one player in the nation.  He was the "Gatorade Player of The Year".  Harrison has some mad basketball skills that hasn't been seen in years.
  Harrison keeps the college basketball world on end during his recruiting.  He narrowed the choices down to a few schools such as..... UCLA, DUKE, IOWA STATE, NORTH CAROLINA, and many others.  His announcement was relayed all over the state of Iowa.  With much anticipation, he accepted a scholarship with The University of North Carolina Tarheels.
   Now he's done a great job of working out all summer long down in Carolina.  He's a known worker with an unequaled work ethic.  It's a known fact that he will start for the Tarheels his freshman season.  I can't wait to watch him!  Now to my rant and bitch session!
    This last weeks I see that Harrison Barnes is a "pre-season All-American."  What the fuck?  This young man has never once set foot on a Division I basketball court for a meaningful basketball game.  How in God's name can you give this young man this award without him even scoring a fucking point in a game?  Whomever decided to bestow this award on this man is a fucking asshole/douchebag!  Are you trying to ruin this man even before he gets started?  You are a fucktard!
   How can you give this young man so much pressure before he even puts his uniform on for the first time?  Are you fucking retarded?  Did you crack headed momma kick you in the head while you were an infant?  Jesus above you piss me off!
   I hope and pray that Harrison Barnes makes something of himself.  I hope he breaks every North Carolina basketball record. (Lord knows I hate Micheal Jordan!)  I hope that Harrison continues into the pro's and makes the all world team!  (Once again I hate Jordan)  Good luck with everything you do Harrison, you deserve it!  Now back to the retard fuckheads putting to much pressure on an 18 year old kid.  Fuck off and find a real job at McDonalds!

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