Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inbreeding at it's best.

You know there are times when I get pissed over the little things in life.  Then theres the times when I want to knock the shit out of people because they are straight up fucktards.  I'm at my local grocer once again.  (I have to eat people!)  I'm walking up and down the isles when I notice this fat ass, greasy hair'd cunt walking around with her fat ass falling out of some cut off jeans. Of course I look.  I'm a man for Christs sake!
   I'm still shopping looking for a few things that I can cook for dinner tonight, when all of a sudden I hear this scream.  I look up and notice nothing.  I hear this scream again.  I go around the corner to the next isle and see this inbred twat smacking her son upside the face.  Now I'm not to happy.
  I ask her if something's wrong.  She looks at me and says... "Arent you that one dude from that one place who sells that one stuff?"  I explain yes.  Then her young son asks for some candy.  Once again this bitch slaps him.  Thats when I say.."Wait a fucking minute!"  She looks at me like I'm some kinda asshole.  I ask her to stop.  She proceeds to tell me to fuck off and worry about my own kids.  Now I'm really pissed!
  You wonder what I'm doing at this point?  Let me tell you.  Theres one thing in this world that I cherish.  Thats children and making them safe.  So at this point I ask ms. muffintop butterbutt what her fucking problem is.  She tells me that she's having a hard time raising her kids. ( She probably has 13 kids )  I say thats ok, we all go through hard times but if we work hard and think clearly everything will work out all right.  Once again she tells me I have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about and then tells me to "fuck off".
   Doesn't she understand that I'm getting pissed the more she talks?  I guess not.  I look her up and down.  Then down and up.  The one thing I do notice is the gnats that are flying around her crotch.  Aint that sexy? I calmly ask her if she needs any help with anything.  Once again she tells me to fuck off and die.  God bless this cunt and her sexy ways!
   At this time she grabs her kid by the back of the neck and tells him to move his ass.  Now I'm beyond pissed!  I tell her to start treating her kid with respect or one of two things are going to happen.  Either I call the law or I knock her out.  She then tells me to watch my ass because her "old man" will kick my ass when he gets out of prison.  Now I'm dying here with laughter.  She doesn't get it.  She's a purebred inbred welfare cunt who needs to die.  My prayers are with this little boy who gets his head bashed in because all he wanted was some candy.  Another reason for welfare control in my eyes people!
   My plea to all of my readers and friends.   If you see an abusive situation from an adult towards a child, please step in and make a difference!

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