Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New season. New hopes.

     I'm the father of a gal who played the high school sports of volleyball and basketball.  Her mother and I followed her around for over 6 years watching her play games from a young age till she graduated high school.  Along the way we made some very good friends who would end up being her coaches in high school.
   My daughters senior season didn't turn out quite the way every one wanted in the wins and losses department. For the season, the team went 6-16.  Not a good season but a valuable one with alot of underclassmen getting playing time.   The sting of last season is gone now.  The seniors graduated.  The underclassmen had time to work on their game all summer long. (SHIT!  Thats right.  They never worked on their game)
  Now it's time to start a new season.  This team plays it's first game of the season against the #4 ranked team in the state.  It's about time for the game to start when I look into the stands and see the same parents I seen last season.  By the time the season ended last season most were bitching about this and bitching about that.  We'll see how it goes this game.
  Here it is!  Tip-off!  We go back and forth.  We go forth and back.  End of the 1st quarter and it's a tie game at 13 a piece.  The home team is playing well.  Playing well above it's head that is.  My friends (the coaches) know what they are doing, it's just that they don't have the talent because of lack of work ethic during the summer.  To be honest I'm shocked at the score and very excited.  The second quarter is going as well as the first.  Both teams are making some really nice plays and all.
   It's almost half-time and it's still a close game.  The #4 ranked team in the state is in utter shock at this point.  The girls are working their collective asses off.  The parents in the stands are rocking back and forth loving every minute of it.   Half -time comes and it's a tie game once again.  Tied up 26 to 26.  Not to goddamn bad in my opinion.
   At about this time, my retarded brother is texting me for the score.  He lives in the rivals hometown.  I give him the half-time score and he about shit's himself.  Now I'm laughing my ass off as he's pissing down his leg.  He then text's me telling me to hold on to my jock because his team will make a run in the second half.
   Both teams come out after half-time and get started.  The home team comes out strong.  The only problem is that the #4 ranked team has adjusted it's game plan and is now taking over.  It's then I look up into the stands and start noticing how the parents are getting kinda wormy.  You can see the disgust on their faces.  Now I'm laughing on the inside.  You bunch of fuckheads I'm thinking.  Ya'll think your kids are the best thing in the fucking world and now your pissed because they can't compete.  For this I say fuck you.
   I can tell by watching the parent's actions that they going to be blaming my friends real soon for this team losing today.  Now I've got to be honest here.  The coaches aren't the one's losing the game.  What about that one dude who think's his daughter is the greatest thing since slice bread making 8 turnovers?  Is that the coaches fault that she's fucking up?  I don't think so. She scored quite a few points but she gave up almost as many by herself.
   What about the fuckhead that likes to run down the other kids with his mouth even his knocked knee'd slow footed daughter can't dribble to her left and is getting eatin alive by the defense?  Is that the fucking coaches fault?  Fuck no it's not!  What about the best athlete on the team running up and down the court falling down every 3 minutes?  Is that the coaches fault?  Fuck no it's not!  You parents need to listen up.  Have your kids work on it during the summer and things will be different.
   Don't come to the game and sit there and complain about the coaches when your goddamn kid can't dribble the ball without it going off their foot.  Maybe you should back the coaches and help them out a bit.  Encourage your kids to work on their game.  Make them accountable for once.  Make them know it's not the coaches fault when they lose.  Most of the time it's their fault.  There's one thing in this life I know about.. It's athletics.  The rule of thumb is that if you have a turnover, it's giving the other team one point.  Tonights game was bad on turnovers.  The home team had 17 more turnovers then the other.  Here's the interesting fact.  They lost by 18 points.
    Maybe a few dads and moms should take their kids to the gym this weekend and work on some ball handling skills instead of starting out the season bitching already.

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