Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time to lend a helping hand people!

  Today during a time when I had to go to the Post Office, I see a homeless man digging in a giant garbage dumpster.  I slow down a bit and watch as long as I can.  Cars are lining up behind me so I move on.  At this time I'm thinking what the fuck is wrong with the world today?
  I drop off my certified letter thats going to serve a fucktard who keeps writing bad checks to my place of employment.  This fucker isn't homeless.  The problem is that he should be homeless for as much as he writes bad checks around town!
   I get done at the post office and head back to work.  I retrace my steps.  Once again I come upon the homeless person digging in more garbage at a different location.  I then pull up next to him and ask how he's doing.  He tells me he's doing great.  He's just digging for artifacts he tells me.  I notice thrown away food hanging out of a grocery sack he's holding onto.  I tell him to be careful and take care.  He smiles and waves.  I smile, trying to hold back a tear.  
   I'm back to work and all I can think about is this person who has problems digging in garbage cans for food.  I'm ashamed.  I'm pissed.  I'm sick to my stomach over all of this.  This dude is doing as best as he can.  I know who this person is.  I know if he could he'd work for his food if he could.  The problem is.... No one will hire him because he's homeless and scurvy.  He's not "worth a hire" they claim.  That pisses me off!
   What about the women of the world with small children who are homeless?  Are they shit also?  I know I know I know.  They get government assistance if needed.  That assistance can only go so far.  It can't promise a roof over their heads and food on the table for the kids of the world.  We've got whores who abuse the system everday.  We've got whores buying stupid shit with the government money and not giving a fuck if they work or not.  Thats straight up bullshit!
   What about the women who want to work but have no education?  They want to be part of a society that makes a difference.  What about the cunts who abuse the system to get free money and free food?  You have people living in cars while some bitches live in free housing!  Thats fucked up people!
   How about lets make a pact and start helping the people who need the "REAL" assistance!  How about we start making it a point to raise money to have some kinda old fashion help for the people who need the help?  Let's make a difference and help someone who needs the help!  
  Let's make a difference to help the people who want to better themselves!  How about we take time to make time for others.  I'm sorry for my rant people but I'm pissed.  In my small town, we should have no homeless.  The sad thing is that people are selfish!  They care about material things and thats it.
   I'm thinking as the weather gets worse about this person digging in the garbage.  Is he going to survive a cold winter?  Whats going to happen if this person dies in the cold?  Will anyone care?  I know I will.  I think it's time for me to take action.  I hope and pray others will also!

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