Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The destruction of a college athlete.

I just got done watching a fantastic documentary called "The Best that Never Was".  It's a documentary about high school phenom Marcus DuPree from Philadelphia, Mississippi.  This man at the age of 14 was starting varsity for his high school football team. His first touch of the football was an 80 yard touchdown.  A legend was born that Friday night!
  The story goes on to show how Marcus went on to be the most recruited high school football player in the United States his senior year.
After a battle among three schools Marcus signs on the dotted line to play for the University of Oklahoma.  The Sooners are his new team, his new future.  This film shows how Marcus gets a chance with the Sooners but not after a severe beat down from head coach Barry Switzer.  In my eyes, Switzer was a true cocksucker.  He used Marcus as a piece of meat.  Nothing more, nothing less.
   This isn't uncommon among college athletes.  They are brought in to make a program better.  If this doesn't happen, then its time to hit the road.  Big time college football/basketball programs abuse these young men and women every day.  You see stories of university's paying for new cars and or new homes for the families of these recruit's.  If these players don't pan out then the family loses the car or house.  It happens every fucking day of the week.
   They promise jobs to different family members.  They promise every thing under the sun so they can get the prize athlete.  They tell them bullshit stories.  They pay them cash under the table.  They get them whores.  They make them feel something special.  It's a goddamn factory line of bullshit!
   Back to Marcus.  He gets to Oklahoma and makes the world stand on end for his athletic prowess.  He's breaking all sorts of records as a true freshman.  My lord he had to be the finest athlete I've ever seen.
  He comes back for his sophomore season only to be ridiculed by Switzer.  Now Marcus is feeling like he's a failure.  Not once did Barry give Marcus any pat on the back.  Any kind of good talking too.  Barry was a fucktard.  Still is!  Next thing you know Marcus is on a plane back home to Mississippi.  He's sick of Barry and all of his bullshit.  He then tries to enroll into Souther Mississippi University.  He's accepted.  Next thing you know the old horseshit NCAA tells him he can't play for atleast 1 year if not 2.
   Marcus is like this is bullshit and signs with the fledgling USFL.  $5million dollar contract over 5 years.  Pretty goddamn good money for a 19 year old kid.  He's minister helps him with all of his finances.  Everything is looking fantastic for this young man.  That is till he blows his knee out.
   Now lets move on a little bit.  Next thing you know is that ole Marcus is getting sued for bills he has no idea that exist.  Come to find out that ole Preacher Man has done spent his fucking money.  To the now.  Marcus DuPree the greatest high school running back in history is now driving a truck for minimum wage just so he can eat.  To me, thats fucked up as all get out!
   Marcus's plight isn't uncommon at all in college athletics.  This happens everyday.  This is an ongoing bowl of bullshit that will not stop as long as outside forces try and persuade the college life.  What we need is regulation of all college athletic programs and it's sources.  Infacat as I write this Auburn University quarterback Cam Newton is being investigated for taking $180,000.00 just to  play football.
   This needs to stop and stop now!  What needs to be implemented is helping the athletes with all college expenses.  More then the free education and housing.  Pay them a stipend!  Make it the same at every school.  This way not one school can bring in all the best athletes for pay.  Coaches please remember that these athletes are human.  They have feelings.  They are not pieces of meat that can be thrown out with tomorrows garbage!
    It's a fact that only about 1% of all college athletes get a chance at the pros.  If we fail as a university, it will only bring more plight to our young men and women.


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