Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to the Big10 Conference Nebraska!

  After this season, The University of Nebraska joins one of the greatest academic/athletic conferences in the world.  Nebraska is about ready to join the Big10 Conference.  In the Big10 Conference there are 11 teams.  (I know I know!  Thats 11 teams in the Big10 Conference.  I know!  It's retarded as hell!)
  Now it gets better.... The Big10 Conference will soon have 12 teams with the membership of The University of Nebraska.  Go figure.  Who the hell is counting anymore.  Now back to my story!
  In this conference, you have some of the most storied programs in the history of NCAA athletics.  You have Michigan, Ohio State, Minnesota, Penn.State, Purdue, Indiana, Northwestern, Iowa, Michigan State, Illinios, Wisconsin.  Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State have won multiple National Championships when it comes to football.  Iowa has the most National Championships for the sport of wrestling. Indiana is one of the most storied basketball programs of all times.  The Big10 Conference is an outstanding conference to be in.
   Now here comes the newcomer.  The University of Nebraska.  Nebraska has on of the top athletic programs in the country.  They can compete for a National Championship in multiple sports.  Football, womens basketball, volleyball, wrestling, baseball.  They are as good as it gets!  The academic side of Nebraska is as good if not better then most of the Big10 Conference.  This is a great choice for the Big10!
    Nebraska has one of the loudest stadiums in the world when it comes to football.  Is it bigger then Michigan or Ohio State?  Ummmm NO.... Heres the kicker.  It soon will be as big.  I dont know if I can handle a bigger Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.  I've been to that fucker when it's rocking with 70,000 people and I was scared shitless.
   I promise you that Nebraska fans will travel VERY well when it comes to going to Ohio State and Michigan.  The sea of red will be a known factor in Columbus and Ann Arbor.  On the flipside, I don't think Michigan or Ohio State can make a difference going into Lincoln.  Now!  With The University of Iowa coming to town, that might be a different story.  You will see plenty of black and gold out in Lincoln as you will see Red in Iowa City.
   My question for the Big10 is this.  Are you going to be able to handle the speed of Nebraska?  Are you going to be able to handle the speed of the "Blackshirts" defense?  Personal opinion tells me no!  I can't wait till Michigan tries to bully up the Huskers and they shove the football right down their throats.  I can't wait till the Buckeyes are trying hammer down on the Huskers and the speed of BIG RED comes down on them!
  When it comes to womens basketball and volleyball, I see the Huskers dominating for years.  Simple as that sports fans!  Wrestling?  Now we have some competition in the Big10.  Iowa will always be good but they will have some competition from Nebraska.
    I'm loving this new conference alignment!  Maybe we have that one team who can fuck this stuck up cocksucker conference all to hell!  Last but not least!!!! GO HUSKERS!

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