Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Time is Now Mr. Favre.

   As I was working today I was able to pull up the Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers game on the internet.  I was kind of expecting maybe a good game between the two teams.  Old rivals with the Brett Favre connection.  My lord was I wrong!
  We all know that Brett has had his ups and downs this year but my lord above he's falling apart at the seems as we speak.  He's starting to show his age on the field now.  He's starting to get slower.  He's trying to be something he was many o' years ago.
   The one major problem is that he isn't that same player he was years ago.  He's gotten old.  It's simple as that.  Sorry Viking fans. Just being honest here.  He's got the distraction of Jenn Sterger going on.  I mean the poor fucker hasn't got anything good happening to him in awhile.
   Now don't get me wrong.  Brett has done amazing things during his career.  He's had amazing wins.  He's had amazing stats that would make any man jealous.  (Dan Marino)  He's been to Super Bowls and won.  He's been an All-Pro many times.  My problem is that he's lost his touch. If he can keep from taking pictures of his "little" wiener wink and ride off into the sunset I think everything will ok for him. 
   He needs to take that beautiful wife of his  (if she'll forgive him) and build a life with her and the rest of his family.  I mean for Christs Sake he's a fucking grandpa now.  Teach the little bastard the game of football like your old man did.
    Go on the giblet circut and make tons of money being someone.  Get fat and grow old like a man.  Go out and play golf 9 months a year.  Go on the autograph tours and make more money selling your jersey instead of your soul.   Get your suit taken out because we all know your going to be one fat fuck.  Then after you do that, go and get your hall of fame jacket and ride off into the sunset.  Be gracious about it and don't come back to the NFL.  
    To make things better for yourself and your team, bench yourself.  You are making the Vikings look like schoolgirls on the field.  It's not all your fault son but I bet 75% of it is.  Make the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota proud for what you've done.  Not what your doing now.  God bless your abilities and your past moments.  They will be forever remembered.  You sir are a true hall of famer!  Just dont be stupid and continue your career next season.  Find a new intern to send your teeny weeny pics too.  

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