Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welfare paying for basketball tickets!

 I know I know I know that I bitch about welfare abuse.  You know how I get pissed about people fucking with the government assistance program.  It's for getting your head above ground and wanting to make yourself better.
   Now to my bitch.  I've ranted about some people who have nothing but the welfare attitude.  Always have had it and always will have it.  The cunt of a mother is in the process of getting her ass fired for being a stupid ass bitch.  She's the cunt I've blogged about before who let her kids run around without any parental supervision.
   She's the cunt who has lied her way through life.  She's the cunt who try's to bring everyone else down because her life is a sack full of shit. She's the cunt who's better off dead then living because her life and the loved ones life around her is going straight to hell because of her retarded actions.
    She has this kid who was the next messiah when it came to athletic prowess.  Mommy bragged and bragged as much as she could.  Then one thing happened.  Her messiah took a shit and became nothing but a turd themself  Then oneday the messiah decides to give birth....  Next thing we know according to the dingbat grandmother that we have the second coming of Jesus himself!
   She thought it was Jesus but it came out a girl.  A really cute girl.  But dingbat tells everyone that it's walking and talking after 4 weeks.  ANOTHER bullshit lie by the welfare attitude dingbat.  My lord above why haven't we found an assassin by now?  So, the newest baby is born with a question of who the daddy is.  I guess after some soul searching and a map, we find the pop's!
   Love is grand now.  Daughter and grandbaby are doing well on the welfare system.  They are living in a basement of the inlaws.  No bills to pay.  Free food!  Free home!  Free cable!  I guess she can watch Keeping up with the Kardashians all she wants now!  
   The next thing you know the junior cunt decides to post how she got her babies daddy tickets to a pro basketball game in the largest city in the midwest against the NBA's most storied program ever.  Now here's were I get nutty.  HOW the fuck did this piece of shit afford this?  Wanna know how?  THE WELFARE!  She gets a monthly stipend from the government for her downfall for being an idiot!  Some one who spread her legs and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor!  Wanna know what I think?  HORSESHIT!!!  This is once again ABUSE of assistance!  An abuse of help.  An abuse of shit that needs to be taken care of now!   Have fun with your game skank!  If you kick out more rugrats maybe you'll be able to see the Super Bowl!

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