Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bieber Fever

I've been trying to ignore it but it's to late now.  I love music.  I love all sorts of music.  I'm kicking back at home watching the American Music Awards as I write this.  Just seen Miley Cyrus sing.  Yes my friends it was terrible.  Now I'm watching Sean Combs sing.  Sean Combs is "Puff Daddy", P-Diddy, Diddy and now he calls himself Diddy-Dirty Money.  One word to describe Sean.  Fucktard!
  Imagine this  Taylor Swift wins an award.  OH SHIT!  She just did.  She's getting old about now.  I'm tired of hearing about her and her goody goody ways.  I'll put money up she's sucked cock and smoked weed.  Just a hunch on my part.
   Here comes my dude Kid Rock.  My man!  The new song is kinda lame but I still  loves his tude.  Keep up the work Bobby!  NOW to my new rant.  Whats up with this punk/bitch named Justin Bieber?  The little fucker looks just like Hilary Swank.  Maybe it's Hilary's little sister.  This fucker has more early teen girls panties in a bunch since Elvis Fucking Presley.  What the fuck for?  How come?  This pre-pubecent fuck can't sing a goddamn lick.  He can't dance.  All he's good for is hair commercials. 
   Speaking of his hair, who's fucking idea was it to put this shit together for his head?  Who'ever you are, you must die.  When I say die, I mean now.  When are you ever going to hit puberty Justin?  Oh thats right, you have!  Your a fucking 5'3" bitch.  If you want my respect, you'll start singing your own songs and get a fucking man's haircut!
  You talk like your from the hood.  The only hood you ever been near is the one on your jacket.  Stop living a lie and join the girls swim team.  Stop annoying America's parents with your whiny ass voice and pussy looks.  Your making us spend millions on something that will go away withing the next year.  
   Time to get rid of that squeaky clean image and admit that you like your poop chute plugged in back rooms of porn shops.  Time for me to kick the ever living shit out of your fucking parents for having you do this.  My lord your parents are fucking idiots.  Fucking idiots cashing in all the way to the bank I must admit.  
    Justin go away.  Go far far away.  Either cut the hair right or get a boob job so you'll fit in with the cheer squad you belong to!   

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