Saturday, November 27, 2010

Food Stamps!!!

  I'm sitting around here looking at news from all over the world.  Thats what I do.  I'm kinda bored but mostly I want to keep up on whats going on in this sad world we live in.  I get kind of nutty and start looking our welfare system and how it works.  If you know me I believe in the welfare system for assistance not for a fucking lifestyle!
  I can work between 50 and 60 hours per week and make some money.  I can have 3 children hopefully take care them very well.  Then you have that gal who thought she was an athlete get drunk one night and spread her legs.  Next thing you know this whore is spitting out a kid and making money for it!  She's getting welfare money and never EVER working a day for it.  She's getting free health care and not giving a fuck about it.  Last but not least, she's eating free with food stamps!
  My wife and I go to the grocery store and buy some food.  Next thing you know I see Kimona WanLeighU at the next check out.  I've got wieners and kook-aid and she's got fucking steaks! I mumble outloud "what the fuck?"  My beautiful wife informs me that KimonaWanLeighU is a whore and getting free food for spreading her legs.  NOW I'M PISSED!
   I look at my wife and ask her... Isn't that the cunt who thought she was an athlete?  The wife informs yes.  Didn't her mother tell us she was getting full ride scholarships anywhere she wanted?  My wife informs me yes.  I ask what happened.... The wife tells me she ended up being a pill popper/pot smoker/ drunk who liked to fuck and got pregnant!   Then I get to thinking.  She did get her FULL RIDE Scholarship!  From the University of Gubment!
   She has free housing.  She has free education.  She has free food.  This cunt made off better then if she would have went to Goddamn University of Southern California!  Here my kid works her ass off to get ahead and she ends up (by her own choice) getting student loans.  I have friends who have kids doing the same thing every day.  With this piece of shit she takes a load of man goo down her throat and she gets a fucking Harvard Education!  What the fuck is wrong with this goddamn picture?
   Now I'm wondering if she spits out a couple of more kids, does she get a fucking condo?  Does she get a goddamn Mercedes Benz?  Does she get food for life?  The funny thing about all of this shit is that this cunt isn't paying one cent in taxes.  She's never had a fucking job so she's never paid into her benefits.  Lord have mercy on my soul when I say this.... You my dear are a worthless piece of shit!  Just like your mother who taught you this!
   What about the poor college kids working their collective asses off?  Can they get free food and free housing?  Can they get a free education?  FUCK NO they cant!  Wanna know why?  Because they aren't abusing the goddamn welfare!  This cunt I'm talking about is getting free food and an education while my daughter is having to work her ass off for noodles and milk!  My daughters friends have student loans coming out of their asses while this whore has nothing.  She has the gubment backing her all the way.  This is some kind of fucked up!
   What needs to happen is to have our government start checking out the abuse of the welfare system!  It's so fucked up it's not even funny!  There are kids busting their collective asses each and every day trying to make a difference in this world we live in.  Then you have people trying to fuck over the system!  Now that pisses me off!  If found fucking the system over, we need to put these cunts in jail and make sure they are prosecuted to the fullest extent!  If this whore's mother has a problem with me calling out her worthless daughter please email me!  I've never mentioned anyone's name.  Nor I will.  I guess your guilty of being a fuck!

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