Thursday, November 18, 2010

NCAA basketball! A farce!

  The time is now.  It's time for people to get excited and get all worked up for the next six months.  It's time for all cable sports channels to be working overtime.  It's time for NCAA basketball.  It's time for the biggest farce in the whole NCAA!  I've said it time and time again that I'm a HUGE sports fan.  My first love is volleyball.  For my t.v. entertainment, it's NCAA football with a close second of NCAA basketball.
  I don't give a flying fuck if it's Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa vs. Duke University out of Durham, North Carolina.  It's basketball and I love it!  My biggest bitch is about the kids who use college for one season of playing time to get to the NBA.
   We've got kids coming out of the inner cities with an IQ of a fucking gerbil playing major college basketball for one season then getting drafted to the NBA.  God bless them all but Jesus Christ above your fucking morons!  These kids need more then one year to figure out life.  For fucks sake they just got out of high school.  Most of them can't even tie their own shoes with out calling 911 for help.
  These kids sign with agents that are looking out for #1.  Yes #1!  The #1 being the agent.  They don't give a fuck about him or his future.  They care about the 3% commision they will be getting off his salary.  Other then that, they could care less if this kid lives or dies.  Unless he's the next Micheal Jordan that is!
  In the NCAA football rules, a recruit must remain with a school for 3 years.  That's what needs to happen in NCAA basketball!  With the football rules, the student athlete is getting an education in life plus in the classroom.  In basketball, the student athlete is learning where the best bars are and which sorority whores will fuck him during the season.
   How many 18 to 20 year old kids are ready for the rigors of the NBA while making millions upon millions of dollars for their services?  NOT many!  You might have your lucky ones like LeBron James who came out of high school with the proper people helping him.   My next problem is.... These superstar players are going to be going to schools that will pay them.  Thats bullshit!  It's not fair to all of the other schools in the NCAA. The schools with the lower budgets and smaller donors will not have a chance to get the upper tier recruits!  Once again.  Thats bullshit!
   Long story short.... The storied programs with the most money will get the best recruits.  They will drop a few bux for this kid to spend one time in the program.  The storied program will be now known as "feeder programs"!  This sucks for all of college basketball.  We need a rule or two to make these kids wake up and smell the fucking coffee!
   We get them into playing atleast three years and it's not the who has the most money thing amongst colleges!   Lord knows I'm ready for the NCAA Finals!

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