Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Rise an Fall of Hulk Hogan.

As any kid in the U.S.A. during the mid-seventies to the present if you haven't heard of Hulk Hogan you must be living under a rock.  I grew up in the day when your dad took you to the local high school about once a year to see your local wrestling heroes.
  During the late 70's you had three major wrestling powers.  The National Wrestling Association, The American Wrestling Association and The World Wrestling Federation.  In each and every of these associations you had a few heroes.  In the NWA you had Ric Flair,  Andre The Giant, Terry Funk and many others.  In the AWA, you had Nick Bockwinkle, Greg Gagne, Verne Gagne, Shawn Micheals and many many more.  Then came along the WWF.  
  This company had been around a long time but not as succesful as the other two companies mentioned.  Thats till Vince McMahon Jr. took over control of the WWF.  Vince in his own way took over the world of professional wrestling.  He took the "big names" from the other organizations and brought them to the WWF with all of his money.  Vince knew what it took to make money and what it took to be someone in important.
   Vince knew how to make the world see professional wrestling with network t.v. and pay per view specials.  The more money Vince made the more wrestlers he brought into his stable.  With this money, Vince was able to bring in this up and comer named Hulk Hogan.  He made Hulk the "Great American Hero".  Hulk made every kid in the world stand at attention wanting be him.  Taking their vitamins and saying their prayers each and everyday.
   Vince made Hulk a world phenom when he beat Andre The Giant at the first ever "Wrestlemania".  For the next few years Hulk worked all over the world.  After awhile, Vince and Hulk started to drift apart.  About this time Hulk went into a new direction and joined Ted Turner's WcW (World Championship Wrestling) organization.  At that time, WcW over took The WWF in all of t.v. ratings.  Pay-per-views were off the charts.  
   Hulk was working 300 days a year, flying all over the world creating the monster we know today of professional wrestling.  Bumps and bruises every night.  Torn muscles, hurt backs, hurt knees, broken necks, concussions.  It all added up.  About this time Hulk was using drugs and booze to ease the pain.  
    In the world of professional wrestling we fans have lost many of wrestlers to the battle of drugs.  Chris Beniot, Curt Hennig and countless others to name a few.  At this time Vince McMahon Jr. was able to take all the other orginazations to their collective knees when bought them all out.  Hulk came back to the WWE (WWF) for awhile.  Vince and Hulk worked together for a bit but old attitudes came back to haunt them once again.
   Hulk and his beautiful wife divorce.  Hulk drinks more.  His son damn near kills a kid in a car wreck.  His beautiful daughter Brooke tries a singing career.  It flops.  Now Hulk's life is shit. He's down on his luck with his ex-wife taking care of all of his money.  Now he's pretty much fucking broke.  This man brought pro wrestling to the next level and now he's fucking broke!
   Now it's time for the next chapter of his life.  Welcome to TNA!  (Total Nonstop Action)  It's an outlaw wrestling company that is owned by Dixie Carter and she's trying to make a living with the fine art.  So far so good.  Hulk is helping out Dixie in helping mold the company to a top notch program.  He's bringing in some superstars of past and present.
   He's got the Legend Ric Flair as a right hand man.  These two have more knowledge of pro wrestling then any other mother fucker in the world.  The show is going good.  Ratings are up.  They are making the show more edgy then the WWE.  I have high hopes for this company knowing these two are shaping it up.
    Heres to Hulk Hogan!  I hope this isn't the last RISE for him.  Let's pray there are no more FALLS.

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