Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What ever happened to MTV?

  I'm not saying I'm old or anything but I grew up in the time when MTV first came on the air.  My lord thinking about it, makes me think of my youth.  I was about 16 at the time and the only other music video's we could get was on the t.v. show "Friday Night Videos".
  Then when cable t.v. hit my small hometown a new attitude was born amongst all the teenagers!  My lord we were hungry for something different.  With MTV we had our cake and was able to eat it too.  I can remember the first ever video shown on MTV.  It was called "Video killed the radio" by the one hit wonders "The Buggles".  Damn good video to kick off a brand new channel!
  I remember sitting late at night with my beautiful girlfriend (Later my wife) watching really cool video's from the likes of Madonna, ZZTop, The Rolling Stones, Hall & Oates and countless others.  We could snuggle to Micheal Jackson, Kool & The Gang, Till Tuesday, Cindy Lauper, and many many more.  These were the days.  I enjoyed the days when the "MTV's REAL WORLD" started.  We had never seen a reality show till then.  Now all we see is fucking reality shows!  Thats what pisses me off.  Nothing original anymore.
  Next thing you know over the years are stupid fucking shows.  There's a few I like..  I love the show "Jackass".  Its funny as fuck with a great cast.  I goddamn hate "Jersey Shore".  Stupid fucks trying to be famous for doing nothing.  Reminds me of the whores that are the Kardashians.  To these people I say... Fuck you!
  My rant is this.  Please bring back music!  I don't want to have to get up at 4am till 8am to watch videos and listen to music.  Thats utter bullshit.  Hell people I listen more to country music because I can see video's at a good time.  Today's people don't remember the original MTV.  I guess they can't bitch about video's if they haven't seen them.  MTV pony up and bring back what made you famous!  If you don't, I can see you fading away soon.

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