Saturday, November 13, 2010

The demise of Texas Longhorn Football?

 If you look to the left, you'll see a picture of former Texas Longhorn Vince Young potrayed as Jesus.  Is he Jesus?  Ummm NO.  I will say this though.  For one season, he was a football Jesus.  If not Jesus, he was a college football God!
  That was then, this is now.  Vince took this storied program to the mecca.  He was able to win a National Championship.  He was and is good.  Vince has taken his talents to the NFL and is doing ok.  He's a Texas boy that should be admired.
  If you look at the history of The University of Texas Longhorn football program you will see a programed matched by very few.  You will see 5 national championships.  You will see Heisman Trophy Winners.  You will see a team to be reckoned with season after season.
  You had the "Tyler Rose" Earl Campbell winning a Heisman Trophy!  You have fantastic games against Oklahoma in "The Red River Shootout".   You have The University of Texas Longhorn football!  An American tradition!  God bless football in Texas!  More recruits come out of Texas then any other state in the nation.  
   Now to my quandry.  What the fuck has happened to Texas football?  I mean last season they are playing for a National Championship and this year they can't beat Iowa State University!  I know they have great players and all but are other universities paying better money for their players?
   I've got a great friend named Steve (not his real name) that went to the University of Texas.  He bleeds burnt orange and white!  For Christs sake he named his only son Austin after the city that the university is located!  He's a realist.  He's not some lame ass fuck who follows the Iowa Hawkeyes and bitches how they got screwed by the refs and shit.
  Steve, (not his real name) will tell you that Texas sucks this year.  He will tell you that ISU is a superior program.  He will tell you that Barry Switzer of Oklahoma fame is the greatest college coach ever.  His dilema is that he can't figure out what the hell is wrong with Texas football.
  I think I've got the answer.  Texas needs to recruit more convicts and thugs like years before.  It seems that head coach Mack Brown is concerned about how the program looks.  I say fuck that!  Get some murderers and rapists in the program again and all will be ok.  
   I think if Texas follows it's old formula for recruiting like I've mentioned, they will be just fine.  I hope and pray for my friend Steve's (not his real name) sake that Texas turns it around.  I'm sincere when I say this.  The reason being is I don't want to spend every Saturday hearing from Steve (not his real name) WHAT THE CRAP?

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