Thursday, November 11, 2010

War crimes!

  Former President George W. Bush is being investigated for a form of torture he directly authorized for three terror suspects called "waterboarding".  This form of torture creates the sense of drowning.  This form of torture has been outlawed since the spanish/american war.  This is a clear violation of international torture conventions!
   Here's how fucking stupid Bush is.  He knew that this form of torture was illegal as fuck but he wrote about it in his biography.  I've come up with a new name for dear old George.  "Mr.Retarded President George W. Bush."  My lord he's done some fucked up shit in his life.
   This is the man who put the United States of America in a war it didnt need to be in.  All because he thought he was a bad ass.  I remember when he was debating Al Gore in his first run for president.  He walks up to ole Al and gets all chesty.  If I was Al, (who out weighed him by 40lbs and was taller by 6") I would have knocked the living fuck out of George.
  This is how fucking smart this puke is.  He tells the world he wanted these people tortured.  I can understand that but for Christ's sake I dont put it in my fucking biography!  He personally fucked up this country's finances and he thinks nothing of it.  He personally killed thousands upon thousands of young people's lives because he was acting out of revenge for his puke of a father.
  Here's my resolution.... Why don't we as American's personally put jumper cables to his yamsac?  I want to throw water on his junk as he gets his first jolt.  I want to see him shit himself as his nipples are getting ate away by baby crocs.  I want to see every parent of every soldier that died be able to kick him in his pussy or punch him right in the fucking mouth.  I want him to hurt for his stupidity!
   I want this motherfucker to spend time in prison.  I don't mean some pussy ass country club prison.  I want this cocksucker to spend time in the worst prison that can be possible.  He's no worse then a fucking serial killer!  Time for your life to be a living hell Geo!
    I hope this wakes up people of how George W. Bush was the worst president to ever walk the face of the earth!


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