Sunday, November 21, 2010

The State of Meth Today.

Today we talk about the product Meth.  Meth is the fastest growing drug abused in American today.  Next on the list is in rural American is the abuse of prescription pills.  Now back to Meth.  Where I live, the production of Meth is an everyday common thing.  People are making this shit each and everyday in their houses or out in the rural country places.
   Some of the ingredients they put in this garbage is... sudafed, lye, drano, eprhedine, gas, laquer thinner and many assorted other things.  It's a fucked up mix that can kill at anytime anywhere.  Meth can fuck up your unborn babies.  Meth can lead to Parkinson's disease.  Meth can make you lose your mind.  Meth is one of the leading causes of girls having sex before the age of 14 years old.  Meth can make your world one fucked up place!
   Meth can make you die or kill.  With it's ingredients, Meth will eat you from the inside out.  Look at the picture above. I've seen the same looks with people I know or who has worked for me.  My lord it's a sad drug to get hooked on.  Meth will make you steal.  Meth will make you lie.  Meth will make you sell your ass on the street for just a little bit of money.  Meth is cheap to make and cheap to buy.  Meth will make a preacher suck cock for a hit.  Meth is wrong.
   How about the children of Meth?  Most of them do not show results till a few years into their lives.  Signs are usually shown about the age of 5.  Kindergarten classes will never be the same again because of mother's meth abuse.  You ever seen this little fuckers who are messed up because of meth abuse by their mother?  I have!  This shit aint pretty.  These kids are bouncing off the fucking walls and to be honest can't be controlled.   Today's teachers need more money for trying to teach plus also trying to keep these kids from killing each other.
   Meth will make a 21 year old woman look like she's 45 years old.  This shit is dangerous as fuck but it still keeps people coming back.  I've seen people snort and shoot this nasty shit.  It's one fucked up drug that needs shut down.  I've seen where people are making some mobile meth labs and their cars blow up and people die.  All for a high.  Pretty fucking sad in my eyes.
    I watched last week as a woman with her three children got arrested for stealing food.  The cops busted her and took her kids away.  She sat there and cried because her babies were being taken away.  Wanna know what I thought?  I thought... FUCK YOU you stupid cunt!  You should have thought about your kids as you were getting high on this junk and decided to steal.  Most likely these kids are going to be well off.  One hell of a better off then the junkie can do for them.  I'm praying to the man above these kids get adopted out so they don't have to be around this slut junkie again.
     Now off of my rant.  I pray every day that law enforcement can get rid of this shit.  I pray ever day that people who sell meth will die a violent death.  I pray ever day that junkies either get help or die along with the dealers.  I pray ever day that the kids of junkies can get help and or get out of the shit situation.  

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