Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank you for keeping me free.

  With my job, I meet quite a few people.  I meet people who want to make you laugh.  I meet people who want to make you cry.  I meet people who want to make you want to make a difference.  I meet people who I want to kick the ever loving shit out of.
   Today I met someone who inspired me.  I met a man and his small son today.  The man walked in with his son and looked around for a bit.  I asked them if I could help them and replied thank you but he was doing ok.  I said alright.  If you need anything, give me a holler.  He shook his head yes.
   I was needed to walk around the store and get some things.  I noticed him and his son once again.  This man who was about 27 to 32 years old was down on bended knee talking to his son.  Holding his hand.  Smiling at his son like a father should.  At this time I notice I've been staring.  The young man notices this.  Once again I ask him if he needs any help.  Once again he tells me he's just looking around.  I say thank you and walk away.
   As I'm walking away, it's then I notice this young man has an artificial leg.  I kind of look at it from a distance.  It's one of them new fangled thingy's that you see now and then.  I go back to work and notice them as they have a few items to purchase.  I walk up to the register while they check out.  The young man and I engage in some conversation when his young son tells me that his daddy is a hero.
   I ask the youngster what he means.  He tells me that his dad fought in a war.  It's then I realize that this man has lost his leg in a foolish war for our freedom.  I'm not shy so I ask him what happened.  He tells me that his Humvee was hit by a ground attack rocket. (whatever that means.)  He and several others were wounded in the attack.  He lost two friends.  Now I'm sad and pissed.  I'm thinking how young lives are lost over nothing.  (Thanks George W. Bush!)
   The man tells me he was lucky.  Lucky as all get out.  Then he says this.... "I'd do it all again.  It might not be the right war but its about freedom."  He then looks at his son and says.... "I did it for him".  Now I'm about ready to cry.  It's either cry or get pissed.  This young man almost loses his life and tells me he'd do it again.  To me that's a man!  That's a True American Hero.
  He then tells me that all he thought about was his family back home.  His wife and two beautiful children.  I shake my head in agreement.  He's going back to college.  He's trying the computer fields for an education.  I ask him how his spirits are.  He says most of the times great.  Sometimes he's a little depressed but his family brings him out of it quick.  His family is his everything and thats why he's alive today.  He wanted to make sure he got home to be with his family.  His family made him want to live.  Now the lump in my throat is huge.  
   About this time he says he has to get home.  He lives about 25 miles from here and it's getting late.  I thank him for the conversation.  I shake his son's hand remind him that his father is a true hero and to never ever forget it.  It's then I shake this young man's hand and tell him thank you for his service.  Thank you for keeping me free.  Thank you for giving so much to America.  He then nods at me and says...."No problem.   I'd do it again."
      Now it's time to cry

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