Sunday, October 31, 2010

Douche of the week #3

  Once again my friends it's time to name the douche of the week. This week are going local in my hometown.  If anyone from this hometown is reading this, theres a good chance you know this fucking moron.
  He's the dude who comes from some money but has pissed off his parents so much that he's probably fucked out of any kind of pay off in the future.  He's so fucking stupid that he told his farmer dad to fuck off because the man wouldnt give him more money for his help.
   Plain ass told the old man to go fuck himself!  This is after old mom and pops gave him everything his whole life.  Gave him vehicles.  Gave him insurance.  Gave him MONEY. Gave him a free house for awhile.  Gave this cocksucker everything.  Then he shits on his family when they won't give out more money.  Now that's a fucking douchebag!
  This fag has had more skank pussy then you can shake a stick at!  He's fucked some of the nastiest things the worlds ever known.  My lord he's a fucktard!  He's into lifting weights and all. Thinks he's quite the badass but when you confront him, he's the biggest pussy known to man.  I'm laughing my ass off thinking how much of a fucking pussy he is.
   He's the cunt who pimps his current woman (wife) out on so she can get some cock.  The reason why he does this you ask?  Because the asshole can't get a stiffy!  NOW thats some funny shit!
   He's the one who has his nose up everybody's ass trying to figure out their business.  Sucking ass so he can know everyone's shit!  What a fucking tool!  This is how fucking stupid this prick is... He's having heart problems.  He needs surgery...  A common surgery. Very COMMON!
   Next thing you know, the stupid fuck decides he needs to get married to this skank he's with!  He's telling everyone he might die.  (We could only get so fucking lucky!)  He has his surgery.  He lives. (Damnit!)  He takes a few weeks off of work.  Then the fucker comes back to work and is more of a cunt then before.  BECAUSE HE FEELS 20 YEARS YOUNGER NOW!
   My biggest problem is that he makes everyone's life a living hell.  What I want to see is someone stand up to this cunt and tell him to fuck off.  CAN you HEAR ME!?!?  Just stand up to his fag ass and all will go away.  Now thats the douche of the week #3!

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