Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The world of baseball

I've talked in the past about how great college football was.. It's still the greatest game going today.  It's not my first sporting love though.  My original love was baseball.  I grew up watching it with my beloved Uncle Pete and a few others.  Pete had me hooked on the Cardinals because of his location in southern Missouri.
   After beginning to play the game I grew more in love with it.  I'm lefthanded which back in the day was something not heard of often.  I could bat both ways..  More predominate batting right handed though.  I had an arm.  I could throw hard and tight with command of 3 pitches.  (Not to damn bad for a little leaguer I say!)  
    I had one hero in the big leagues.  He went by the name of Pete Rose.  "Charlie Hustle" they called him.  My lord this cat could hit and field with the best of him.  He's the major leagues all time hits leader.  To bad he's not in the hall of fame because he loved pussy and gambling more then he did his morals.  (Another story for another time!)
     If you were lucky, you had a few dudes by the names of George Foster and Dave Kingman hit a few dingers.  They might hit between 35 and 50 homeruns if you were lucky..  Doing all this damage making like $175,000.00 per season.  Then comes this fuck by the name of George Stienbrenner.  He's got money shitting out his asshole.  He brings in the first big free agent named Reggie Jackson.  (Both were straight up assholes!)  (Were now lucky old George is dead now!)
     So here comes all this money to the players!  If I had a chance to even sit on the fucking bench, I'd settle for $300,000.00 per year.  OH NO!  These greedy motherfuckers now want over 10 million per year.  What the fuck has the world come to?
  You used to have pitchers go 8 innings and call it a night.... Now you have pitchers going 4 innings and going on the disabled list!!!  What the fuck?  Ya'll are some serious pussy's!  There are 162 games in a season.... It wasn't uncommon to have 15 players per year hit 162 games played... Now if you get 3, its a great season.... One word for ya'll..... PUSSY'S!
    The more money these players make the more they think they have to break all time records..... Welcome to the world of baseball... STERIODS!  You have Canseco, McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, Pettite, Clemens and countless others who ruined this game with their selfish acts.  Bonds, Sosa and McGwire can all suck my yamsac!  You silly fuckers broke the single season home record of the belove Roger Maris while using steroids!  You 3 can die!
     If these 3 should happen to get in the hall of fame, then life is just a fucked up story we live in.  Brady Anderson.. You used steriods.... I hope your driving a truck for some shit hole garbage company.  
     Pettite and Clemens..... You two are fucking pukes.  Pettite is still in the majors for the money hungry Yankees.  To the Stienbrenner cunts... FUCK YOU!  Clemens.... My dear you need to shave your asshole and shave it good because your going to be taking some cock there real soon for your lies to congress.  Good luck fucknut!
      In the majors today there are a few great ones who care about the game.  Joe Mauer, Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter and many more.  Keep up the great work men!  You are deserving of the hall of fame!  Before I leave..... Alex Rodriguez..............You are one piece of shit for what you've done to this beautiful game with steriods.... Rot in hell fag!

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