Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teenage Pregnancy.

  I've got a friend who is taking night courses to become a teacher.  He was telling me the other day that one of his assignments was to interview someone who was affected by a teenage pregnancy.  I tell him that I've got a few people for him to interview but he declines.  Thats ok... He's younger then me and has a future.
   When he told me the topic, I got all worked up and started looking up information so I could be informed about this subject.  One thing I noticed is that when a girl gets pregnant as a teenager her chance of becoming something to society weakens every year with out her in the working world or by going to school to overcome her plight.
  Most girls that get pregnant before they graduate high school usually end up using the welfare system for most of their lives.  Most BOYS that get girls pregnant usually are out of their lives within 1 to 3 years.  Most of the males who impregnate these females are wanna be tough guys who either think they were outstanding athletes or thugs.  Just think of the fucks who think they are both.
   Most of these girls come from disfuntional families such as divorce or an abusive mother or father.  Most kids that are having kids come from a family that either is on the welfare or tries to cheat the welfare system.  Seems to me when I research this that these people are scumbags.  Why not get a fucking job and try to make a difference in today's society.  Most girls who have a child before or at the age of 18 usually have 2 or 3 more children before the age of 25.
   Most girls who have had teenage pregnancies are most likely to have had sex with 10 to 30 different partners.  Alot of these girls have sex with as many as 10 different partners while pregnant because they aren't sure who the father is.
   Theres a greater chance that these girls will be involved with some form of domestic violence within the first 2 years of having these children.  Most of the girls who get pregnant while in high school are using different forms of drugs the whole time they are pregnant.  Either with booze or grass.  Then you get the fucking retards that are using prescriptions and meth.  My lord these whores are angels in my eyes!  I guess all of these babies will be the next fucking Einstien!
    This gets me thinking..  If your a dumb cunt having sex and you get pregnant then what happens to the unborn child as you smoke dope, drink like a fish, either smoke meth or take medicinals?  If I'm thinking right, theres a chance that this child will be fucked up beyond all control.  Most likely some hyper ass little fuck who will be taking remedial courses till they graduate high school at the age of 32.
    Most babies that are under the influence of drugs have as must  chance of success as a fucking gnat.  Remember this people.  I've been studying this hard and I've come to this conclusion.  Some girls who get pregnant will make it with a proper support system.  The ones who have fucked up parents or have fucked up morals when it comes to abusing their bodies while being pregnant will never amount to shit!
    If by chance you have a pregnant girlfriend or a pregnant daughter do me this favor and make sure there is a support system for not only this girl but for this unborn baby.  Do not let this mother to be abuse her body with booze and dope.  Make sure she gets all the help she can with doctors and such.  This unborn child is something special... It's not something that can be put up on a pedestal and tossed around like it's the second coming of Christ.  Don't be fucking retarded and think this kid will end world poverty.  The chances are that I'm going to end up supporting this kid till I'm dead!

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