Friday, October 29, 2010

Welfare abuse! A system in trouble.

  I've harped on a few things in the past that drive me fucking nuts!  Now I've got one that will put me over the edge.  It's called welfare abuse.  The meaning of welfare is to help someone who is down on their collective luck.  It's meant to make life a little bit easier till the needy person can get back on their feet.
   We have different forms of welfare.  We have the WIC program.  This program is designed to make sure that kids are taken care of incase the parents can't do it them self.  We are talking free milk, cheese, diapers and other assorted things.
   We have Title19.  This is something that can help people with low rent if not free housing.  It can help you get low utilities if not free utilities.  We have food stamps.
  With food stamps, you can go to the grocery store and get pretty much all the food you need free!  The kicker is that you can't buy booze or smokes.  Seems simple to me.  We have all of these types of help for people who can't help themselves right now.  NOW, my bitch is the people who abuse this shit!  These people are the worst form of life known to man.  I put them up their with drug abusers and thieves.  Pieces of shit in my eyes.
   I've seen girls get knocked up and have children..  God bless the kids.  These kids have nothing to do with mommy and daddy being pieces of shit.  Mommy squirts out a kid and life is grand now.  She's living in the basement of the so called in-laws living large.  Life is fucking grand!
  She's got food stamps that are shaped now into a goddamn credit card not to emberess her while she's in the checkout line.  (Bitch should be embaressed because she won't get off of her fucking ass to earn a living!)
  She gets free housing if she wants..  Now I'm pissed!  My kid is busting her ass in college paying bills to make ends meet while this welfare person is getting everything free.  Now that's fucked!  Somewhere along the line this person is getting free money to help ends meet.  Next thing you know she's buying fucking hair extensions!  With GOVERMNENT money to be exact!
    If that doesn't piss you off, then your living in a fucked up world!  Wake up America and get your shit together!  We as people of a free world need to stop this kind of abuse.  My wife and I work our asses off everyday trying to make right.  Millions of people everyday do the same. NOW we get some stupid bitch getting knocked up and living the life of a goddamn queen!  That my friends is fucked up!
  What about her fucked up mother who is about ready to get fired doing the same thing in the near future?  I'd say it's time to get some fucking jobs.  I dont care if it's at Wal-Mart or wiping ass at some nursing home!  Get a fucking job!  No more hair extensions!  No more free food for this lazy ass bitch living for free when she can work and make a differnce in this world!
  Next thing you know, 20 years from now I'm raising her grandkids the same goddamn way! Get some fucking backbone and work people!!! Stop the abuse!  Congress needs to step in and stop the fucking abuse!  I want to say sorry to my daughter that she can't abuse the system like some people do.  Your going to be better in the world then these gutter-rats will ever be!

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