Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't ask!!

  I'm not homophobic or anything like that.  I'm not racist.  I'm not some dude that feels that this world needs to be an all white heterosexual world.  I'm not against gays.  Infact if you'd ever meet my brother you'd understand.  He's not gay or anything like that but he sure does walk queer.
  Now back to my rant.  Obama (who I have no problem with.) has abolished the "Don't ask Don't tell" set forth by President Clinton.  Barry has decided to let straight out of the closet gays join the armed forces.  Thats fine in my world just one thing bothers me.  What if "Blaine" the polesmoker gets kinda horny during battle?
   What if I'm fighting the Taliban all day long in the brutal heat of Afghanistan and "Biff" decides to stroke my yamsac?  I'm going to be honest here, theres a chance that "Biff" is going to get his head shot off in some "friendly" fire.
   What if we're in some kinda desert sand storm and we have to set up camp real quick?  Is it wrong of me to be shaken if I accidently walk into another soldgiers tent and see two marines smoking eachother's pole?  Thats not something I want to see if I'm fighting for my life and trying to keep my brother's/sister's alive.  I don't want to worry about taking a shower and looking over and seeing "Quinn" stroking his meat because he finds me cute.  Poor "Quinn" will soon be a dead man or really fucked up beyond on all repair.
   I dont need to see two marines kiss each other before they go into battle.  We're talking about life and death here!  The last thing I want to see is pink camo!  If that happens, I'm blowing up the whole fucking brigade!  I want to see someone who will go into battle with me and kill as many Taliban as humanly possible.  I don't want some nancyboy thinking of cooking a rack of lamb instead of racking up some killer points!
   I want my official colors to be camo green and camo desert.  I dont want some fucking pink shit on my uniform!  I dont want to celebrate national "I love to suck cock day"  I want to celebrate the "4th of July"!
I don't want some son of a bitch trying to toungue my mouth after a major battle win!  We dont celebrate that way fuckers!  We kill then drink beer.  It's that simple.  If we can get some Muslim pussy, then we kill, drink beer and then fuck towel heads!
   I don't want some queer having a rally during down time.  I want that fucker shining his/her boots and cleaning their weapons.  NO fag rally's!  I want to be able to rely on my compadre's as much as possible.  I dont want to worry about hurting some goo-gobbler's feelings because I forgot it was their goldfish's birthday.
   Will I try and protect the homo's?  Hell yes I will!  It's my job!  If one of them touches my ass though I will kill on contact!  I don't want to be sitting in the middle of a dog fight when "Seth" starts blubbering because he feels bad for the enemy.  I promise you if that happens I'm going to walk up behind "Seth" and punch him in the back of the fucking head.  If that doesn't wake his fag ass up then me poppin off a few rounds next to him will.
   So after a few minutes of thinking about the open homo sexuals being in the armed forces I guess I'm against it.  Like I said before...... I don't give two shits about you wanting to suck another mans cock.  Just don't do it near me and don't join my marines!

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