Friday, October 22, 2010

Heisman Hopeful

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not a big Iowa Hawkeye fan.  I don't care what sport it is, I pretty much don't like the Iowa Hawkeyes.  It's not so much the teams, it's all about the whiny, cocksucker fans who bitch and moan or brag beyond all control..  Thats another story for another time.
   The one thing I constantly do is follow college football.  To me it's the greatest game ever invented.  Kids busting their collective asses off hoping to make it to the next level so they can make some serious bank.
Now I've been following the season pretty close.  Looking to see who's the top teams in the nation.  Iowa lost to Arizona in a real close game but I think they still have a chance at a National Title if they can win out.
  To win out, the Hawks need to knock off Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan State to name a few.  If they can do that, they should be looking at a BCS game if not a National Championship game.  What they need to do is have quarterback Ricky Stanzi keep playing like he has been.
  For the last few years it wasn't uncommon to call him "Pick Six Rick".  It never failed in a big game, he'd throw an interception for a touchdown.  Some games they would win, some games they would lose. NOT THIS YEAR!  He's thrown one pick six and that was against Arizona. Otherwise he's been the quarterback the Hawks have always wanted.
  Ricky's stats are really impressive this year.  I mean I'm more then impressed.  He's thrown for 1,474 yards with 13 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions.  His 180.50 qb rating is #3 in the nation behind Kellen Moore of Boise State (who plays no one!) and Cam Newton of Auburn. Two fine athletes where only one (Newton) plays real football.
   As in a past post I feel that Cam Newton can be the Heisman winner if he wants it.  He'll have to pretty much win out or put up some Jesus numbers.  My question now is.... What about Stanzi?  If this fucker can win out and not turn moronic with his stats why can't he win it all?
  He's on his way to throwing for 3,000 yards and like 26 touchdowns.  Not to goddamn bad in the BIG10 conference.  I'll say it once again.  If he wins out and has a chance at a national title game he could win the whole enchilada!
  Now if he loses more then 1 more game, the can kiss his ass goodbye and think about playing in the Canadian Football League.  He has the tools for the next level but people will question him on draft day for the NFL.
  Iowa has had one Heisman winner.  That was Nile Kinnick back in the 1800's.  They've had two players get second in the voting.  That was Chuck Long back in 1985.  (Got fucked royally when Bo Jackson won it!)  Then there was (I'm a pussy.) Brad Banks.  
  The one bad thing that happens to Hawks that are mentioned in the Heisman talk is that they can't do jack diddly shit in the pro's.  Chuck Long.  He was pretty much a back up in Detroit and Los Angeles.  Brad Banks.... He's still looking for a job.  I mean the poor fucker can't even work for Taco Bell because he's an idiot.
   Time to let go of my rant.  If Ricky can pull off these wins that he should be favored in he could actually become the next Heisman winner.  Thats if Cam Newton falls down and stubs his pinky toe.  Good Luck Ricky and fuck off Hawks!

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