Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Hallows Eve.

Tomorrow is the day of All Hallow's Eve.  Also known as Halloween.  With Halloween, you have kids dressing up and going around begging for candy.  A smiple thing in my mind.  First of all I love kids.  Second of all I love candy!
  When you get older, the best part is dressing up and going to party's acting a fool.  I've got a DEAR friend that is cool as shit.  He's the type of guy you want as a best friend.  His only fault is that he thinks that all pimps are cool.
   Example:  I go to his house last week... He shows up in his pimp outfit and proceeds to pour beer all over me.  I never get mad... Wanna know why?  Because I'm the nicest guy going today!
   He's walking around like he's fly as fuck.  God bless him!  Little does he know he walks like a duck.  Thats ok.....  He's still fly in his eyes!   The problem is.... I mean I love this guy but he's a nerd.  He thinks he can speak multiple languages.  Personally I have this feeling that he has a hard time speaking english.  Maybe it's me but I've heard rumors that he can't speak his own name.
  He tells me he's a real man.  He has chest hair.  I laugh.  I have ass hair that i dont talk about.  BUT NO!  The PIMP has to talk about his chest hair.  Is this to make him sound tough?  I've got this feeling he's got a low self asteem problem.  Know what I think?  I don't give a fuck!  He poured beer on me!
   My goal for this man is for him to wake up and figure out that he's just normal!  Normal like you and I!  He's no more important then any one else.  What do i bitch about all the time?  Treat everyone equal!!!  We are one with the same chances!  Its if you choose to work with your chances!
    Long story short... Mr. Pimp.  Shave your chest hair and remember that we are equal!  Even when my football team beats yours, I will try and respect you sir!  When we get on equal ground sir maybe I can show you how to smoke meats.  God bless your attitude sir!

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