Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charity starts at home.

   I'm reading an article in "Philanthropy 400 magazine recently.  This article is telling me that people aren't giving to charities like they used to. I shake my head and think to myself. "No shit fuckwad!"
   In this article they are trying to make me feel bad because I wont give all of my hard earned money to things other then myself.  Wanna know what I say?  "Fuck you." Simple as that.  I've got one daughter in college another in highschool.  I have a mortgage to pay on my house.  I have a car payment to make so I can get myself to work to help pay my bills.
    My beautiful wife works her ass off so we can buy food to eat so we don't die.  Pretty simple there in my eyes.  When we get our paychecks each and every week, the first thing that I notice that they are taking out like 33% right off the top for federal, state and local taxes.  Now out of that money, I have to pay my bills. I figure thats about another 25% gone.  Then it's time to buy groceries and such.  My kid needs lunch money at highschool.  Thats about 3% per month.  I just remembered that we put between 10 and 15% of our pre-tax income into retirement plans.
  I'm a big believer in God and such but I have a hard time going to church sometimes.  The reason being is because they want more of my money.  I know it's all for a good cause and such but my two kids need new coats and shoes for winter.  I guess my Sunday will be filled with working overtime to afford that.
   I throw a buck in the offering plate and I get this old fuck staring me down for not giving more.  Wanna know what I think?  "Suck my dick you old prick."  "Hell you old stingy fuck give me $5.00 to buy my kids a goddamn happy meal!"
   My wife and I have parents to help take care of.  My family doesnt need it right now but my mother in law does.  I did some painting this weekend for her and it cost me in expenses another $40.00 bux.  She cant afford it so we took care of it. Now to me that's helping a charity.  I've got presents to buy for my kids and assorted other family members.  Birthdays,new baby's being born, graduations and such.  Guess what?  More money gone!
    Now about everyday I get some kinda propaganda in the mail about helping medical causes.  Wanna know what?  I've given to medical causes.  My father in law died of cancer.  My mother is a cancer survivor.  Now I loved and love both of them with all my heart.  I can't afford to give to every fucking medical cause!  Find one and do what you can.  Just dont go broke doing it.
    Trust me when I say this..... I want to give.  I want to give so much it hurts.  Just don't prod me, make me feel guilty, pressure me into giving up my first born child or monkey.  Don't fuck with me till the economy gets better.  We get out of a fucked up war that wasn't meant to be.  Fuel prices get back to where they should be!  Employment rates get higher.  Our national debt goes down.  When and if this happens, come talk to me.  Until then ya'll can fuck off and offer me money for my well being.
   When we as a society can be more civil and people actually care about things, then call me and we'll talk about helping out!  Till then, take my goddamn name off the fucking mailing lists for Christs sake!

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