Monday, October 11, 2010

The science of grilling at tailgates.

  Now that we are in the heart of football season, it's time to kick up to our A game fro tailgating.  I don't give a flying shit if it's your nephews 4th grade tackle football game.  I could care less it it's a junior high 7th and 8th grade game!  I could give a fuck it it's a highschool homecoming game!
    It's time to make a difference to football people!  Time to tailgate right!  Now let's focus on the college game.  The most inpressive form of athletics known to man.  It doesnt matter what sport it is, as long as it's college sports!  The best part of going to any game is the pre-game tailgate!
   I'm really wanting to make my point to college bound folks.  The art of tailgating is this..  We need food. Plenty of food!  We need drinks!  Plenty of drinks!  I don't give a fuck how big your grill is, just have a grill!  In the college ranks, some students don't have alot of money!  Scrape some cash around with all of your buddies and atleast get some fucking hamburger and hotdogs!
    If by chance you need to sell plasma or drop a nut into a cup at the local sperm bank to afford drinks, I say do it!  The more drinks you have, the more pussy will be showing up at your tailgate!  If you can, get some side dishes.  This is when you bring the chicks in to help you with your tailgate.  I dont give a fuck if it's some kinda noodle dish or pudding.  Side dishes are a must!  My suggestion is.... Get that ugly chick that keeps hanging around to make some kinda shit and then promise her you'll take a blow job from her for her help!
    Now when you start grilling, make that fire huge!  I dont give a shit if it burns the hair off of your nuts!! Make it huge I say!  Throw the meat of your choice on the grill and kick back.  At this time, we usually have a drink.  My drink of choice is cheap beer!  We've been through this before!  NOW do it!
    Get them burgers or dogs grilling people!  Make sure you have the nerd of the group waving around some cardboard over the grill!  We need to send the aroma all around the tailgate area so the horny hotties can start showing up!  After the little fillies come around the tailgate it's time to kick it up a notch!  Start playing some music.  OFFER them some drinks!  Remember I told you to get drinks.  After a little bit some snatch will be asking for some glorious food!  This is when we get stupid!
    Hand her a beer/drink.  She wants food.  Tell her to show her titties!  If no titties, no food!  Within an hour she'll be begging for food!  Here come the titties!  You throw a steak on the grill and you've got a full blown girl on girl lesbian fuck fest!!!  Break out some cow boys!  Get this fucking party started!
     There aint nothing better then two chicks eating pussy while you eat a New York Strip!  I hope these tips help!  Keep me informed and I will help you students anyway I can!

                                                   Mr. Yamsac


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