Monday, October 18, 2010

Women and tattoos.

   I was searching the net when I came across a ton of female celebrities with tattoos.  I'm like thats cool as hell.  Then I take it one step further and decide to look up tattoos for females.  HOLY MOLY my friends!  The tattoos chicks get are unreal!
   Now, I've got some ink.  My wife has some ink.  My brother and his wife have ink.  Just about everyone I know has a tattoo one way or another.  Thats the world we live in today.  Hell my own daughter has a nice tattoo.
  Her tattoo is some saying in another language.  I'm not for sure what it says but I think it's something like.... "Your turn to buy the next round bitch!"  I could be wrong.  I have no idea.  If tattoos are done right, they can downright look real nice.  If not done right, they can be pretty much fucking stupid and make the person owning it really fucking stupid looking!
    I know this moron who has a tattoo down the side of her rib cage saying... "Everything I am or will become I owe to my mother."  If you knew her mother, you'd laugh your ass as much as I do.  Two morons don't make a right! What about the woman who shaves down her pussy and tattoos on top of it... "Enter at own risk."?  I'd have to say she's a moron also!
    Then theres the tattoo on the gals ass that says....."Exit only".  Another fucktard here people!  What about the chicks who show off all of their tattoos?  You know, the ones that are supposed to be hidden.  If they are private, then why the fuck do you show them off after 3 shots of vodka?  Weren't they supposed to be private?  If your showing them off, then it seems to me your a whore.
    Tramp stamps!  I think they are the funniest thing in the world because most women who got them think they are sexy as all get out.  Wanna know what you should have put above your ass instead of that flower pattern you own now?  HOW ABOUT SLUT?  What about TRAMP!  You could also put WHORE there also.  People already think that when they see what you have now.
     I wanna see on some fat bitch's ass a tattoo saying... "Wide Load".  I want honesty in tattoos!  How about  a tattoo saying an a gals heynannynoony .....  "Deposit only"?   Now thats some funny shit there!  Once a whore always a whore I say.  Just advertise it if your going to be an idiot anyway.  Tattoos can be a beautiful thing of art if done right.  It's an art that has been going on for centuries.. It just seems that in today's society some women have gotten down right fucking retarded with them.
    If your going to have tattoos ladies, make them respectable.  Make them something that your parents won't cringe at.  If you want to have ink, then get ink!  Just don't be fucking stupid is all I ask.  I know I know I know it's your body and you'll do as you like.... Thats fine in my book!  Just remember this.  At one time or another, we're all going to die.  Two things in this life are certain.  We pay taxes and we die!  Just don't make that mistake and have that one tattoo that will make people shake their heads as you lie on a slab at the funeral home.  That one tattoo you got dared into while drunk in Tijuana.  You know the one!  The one where   when you shave your pussy and read the fine print it says......"Don't mind the smell, it still works".  Your grandchildren will be proud!

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