Friday, October 1, 2010

What the fuck are people thinking?!?!?

 I know it's a few months till spring break but I feel deep down in my heart i need to warn a few people that have never been there what you might see.   I know a few people who've been to spring breaks all over the world.  We're talking San Pedro Island, Panama Beach, Tampa, Galveston, Miami, The Bahama's and last but not least Cancun, Mexico. (I heard a rumor that there was a crazy cunt down there last year telling the locals she and her daughter were pretty much looking like sisters!  Thats another story for another time.)
    I have no problem with spring break!  What i have a problem with is... Retarded mothers and their kids going on spring break when they have bills to pay!  The other problem i have is.... Well....ummmm............. Shit.. ummmm... Ok.. I'll say it.. Fat ass women in bikini's!  This shit makes my stomach turn!  They walk up and down the beach with their fat asses hanging out thinking they are hot shit!  WAKE UP CALL BITCH!  I wouldn't fuck you with the horny minister's cock!
    Why in God's name would you walk around showing that fat ass?  I mean for Christ's sake your scaring the kids!  Infact I heard a small child tell his mother that the "Whales trying to kill me mommy!"  Put some fucking shorts on and call it good idiot!     You've got the bikini pulled up so tight it's sickening! I mean I can see your cunt hair/assshole hair hanging everywhere!  
     My suggestion is... Call Jenny Craig.  Get your fat piece of shit ass on a diet and then look me up in 5 years!  Till then keep that nasty shit to yourself!  My lord I think I've barfed 12 times since I started writing this!
              Now if Eva Mendez wants to talk.... Come to daddy!

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