Saturday, October 23, 2010

DeAnna Favre

  If you don't know who Brett Farve is I guess you've pretty much been dead for the last 20 years.  If by chance you have no idea who he is, let me refresh your memory.  Brett led the Green Bay Packers to a world title with a Super Bowl win.  Infact the year after his victory he led the Packers back to the big game only to come up on the short end of the stick.
  Brett owns about every passing record ever recorded in the NFL.  He has made the great Dan Marino look mortal.  Brett's been good.  I mean damn good.  After he played with the Packers he went to the New York Jets.  He played there for 1 season till he signed with the Minnesota Vikings.
 Brett led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game... One game short of the Super Bowl.  A miracle New Orleans Saints win kept the Vikings from the big game!
  Now to Brett's second season with the Vikings.... He held out of training camp and all that bullshit.  Personally I called him a pussy for fucking his teammates over.  I guess he didnt want to work like the other folks up in Minnesota!  The season starts slow for Brett and the Vikings.  Losing a few here and winning some here.  Then it's time to play his former team the New York Jets.  Guess what happens?  Brett's accused of showing his weenie in a text message to a former Jet massage artist.  He supposedly sent her text messages of how he'd love to take care of her sexually.
   Now all of this shit has blown up big time!  I find it funny as fuck because SUPERIOR athletes do this shit all the time and now whitey has gotten caught!  Brett is being investigated by the NFL and I'm laughing my ass off over it.  Now it's time to talk to his beautiful wife DeAnna.  She's been behind him all of these years. Infact, Brett and DeAnna are fucking grandparents!
   DeAnna was there for Brett when his dad died and he put up unreal numbers on Monday Night Football.  DeAnna battled and won against breast cancer!  The hottie was even bald for a while.  Now with this shit going on DeAnna is in the middle of it with reporters asking her all sorts of questions.  May the Lord have mercy on her soul people!  She needs all the help she can get!
   When asked of what she thought of her husbands troubles, Deanna responded... "It's in the Lords hands."
What is she going to say when asked about her husband getting blowjobs?  "Its in the lords hands.... I'm thinking not really... It's in the whore who;s sucking his cock!
  What about when he had that bitch bent over the pool table?  Is that in the Lords hands?  NO!  Brett's hands were on either on her ass or her tits!  Wake up bitch!
What about when Brett was caught eating some cheeleaders pussy?   "Thats in the lords hands"  BULLSHIT!  The young cheerleaders pussy was in his hands!  Wake the fuck up girl!  If I'm you darling I'd take that country ass fuck for everything he has!  Make him pay the man.  He makes me wanna puke up my guts.  He might be one of the greatest to ever play the game but it's obvious that he's a straight up cunt!  If I'm you DeAnna.... Move on with your newly found millions and call me!  Everything will ok then.  Now if I can get my wife to understand!

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