Sunday, October 3, 2010


  I got into a nice debate today about homosexuality.  It's something that will be debated till the end of time.  I personally don't believe in homosexuality but I'm the type of guy where I'm not going to tell you how to live you life!
    If two guys want to slide their cocks in and out of their assholes, more power to them!  If two chicks want to shove dildo's up eachother's pussy's and tell eachother they are in love, more power to them!
   I have no problem with homosexuality!  Just do me a favor.  Don't turn into a flaming fucknut!  Act like a man or a woman!  Do not!  I repeat Do not!  Ask for equal rights because your gay!  Earn your fucking way just like everyone else!  I do hate when homosexuals are treated bad.  This is something that bothers the fuck out of me!  I just don't want some fairy picketing me because they are fags!
      If you want to make a difference in the world, just make a difference!  Don't tell me how you like your ass massaged with olive oil and have some stranger stick a cucumber up your ass!  Keep it to yourself!  As for girls.... Same rules for you!  I don't want some butch cunt walking up to me acting real tough and scratching her so called nuts telling me that she's a fucking stud!
   Keep your shit with your girlfriend!  If you want a banana stuck up your ass, so be it!  If you want to stick a banana up some chicks twat, so be it!
   Don't slap a strapon on and then tell me your equal to me!  If your equal, then piss standing up!  Write your name in the fucking snow with your piss!  If you can do that, then we're equal!
    Just do me a favor!  Be gay as fuck if you want.  That's ok with me.  Suck somebody's cock till the cows come home.  Just don't bring that shit home to me!  

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