Sunday, October 17, 2010

Morons of a school administration

   My oldest daughter graduated last year.  My youngest daughter is in her first year of high school this year.  When my oldest one graduated last year the first thing she said after accepting her diploma was.... "My God I'm so glad this bullshit is over."  I asked her what she meant.  She replied about how this school system is totally fucked up and everyone hates how it's ran.
  So, I get to thinking.  I delve into what she's talking about.  The first thing I look at is the teachers.  I ask around.  Most if not all students are happy with their teachers.  Some teachers were looked down on but thats to be expected.  Then I look into the school management staff at the highschool level.  Most are happy with whats going on with the personal except the new principal.  Most students say he has to be inspired by either Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler or Fidel Castro.
  I've met the man a few times and can personally say I have no problems with him.  Some of his rules and actions make me cringe at times.  Time will tell what my opinion becomes.  The A.D./ assistant principal is liked by the majority of students.  Some of his decisions are questionable but otherwise he seems like a nice person.
  The office staff is absolutely adored by the whole student section!  They make everyone's job so much easier each and everyday.
    Now it's time for me to dig deeper.  I reflect on the past and what I'm seeing in the present.  I remember how when the current superintendent was still using his former employer's credit card for his own personal use.  We're not talking about ordering a Super Burrito at Taco John's here.  This fuck charged thousands of dollars for his own gain.  The old employers forgave him and told him to pay it back with nothing said.  What a bunch of fucktards!  With him doing credit card fraud, it was a felony!  A straight up fucking felony!  This burrheaded cocksucker should be in goddamn prison for his actions!  Oh NO!  Our pussy of a fucking school  board let it be and let the previous employers take action.  Any other goddamn job would have fired his Sgt. Carter looking ass on the spot!
   My daughters sophomore year was full of excitement.  First things first.  Our middle school/elementry school vice-principal gets caught shop lifting from the local Wal-Mart Super Center.  This was done on the first day of fucking school!  It wasn't the first time either.  The store told the idiot that they know what he's doing but they don't want to start a scandal.  Then the fucktard does it again!  What happens within the school system for this crime?  NOT a goddamn thing!
   Sgt.Carter the superintendent goes on record defending this puke! Hey idiot!  They have evidence on fucking video moron!  You should have ran and hid in a fucking corner!  Then not to long later we have a para-professional get caught trying to fuck little girls on the internet.  NICE HIRE fuckheads!  Now this douchebag is doing time in the joint for his actions.  Theres such a thing as a goddamn background check!  Use it retards!
   Let's move on just a little bit now.  Sgt.Carter decides he needs to hammer the basketball coaches ex-wife. Bless your heart Sarge!  Your morals rock!!  Remember this tard!  Never ever pass judgement on anyone till you look in the mirror close.  When I say close, I mean real fucking close!  Next thing we know our A.D. decides to ok over $2000.00 worth of hotel rooms for kids at the state wrestling tournament.  What the fuck?  You sir are another idiot when it comes to this shit!
   I know I'm missing some things here but let's move on.  My daughter graduates.  With honors!  Makes her parents very VERY proud.  Next thing we know a new school year starts.  A former graduate writes a letter to the editor of the local newspaper.  I know for a fact that Sgt Carter and others call the paper to stop the letter being posted.  The paper doesnt post.  Fucking paper has no balls!  BULLSHIT!  They have moxie!  They hold off for a few weeks and then put the story on the front page!  Nice move local paper!
   In the story, it is quoted that our principal tells the former student that he can't be on school property because some of the things written in his letter.  EVERYONE laughs their collective asses off because you can't fuck with freedom of speech!
    Now to the newest bullshit.  We have a staff member arrested for busting his woman in the mouth and about the head.  I delve into his past.  I notice he's been arrested many o' times for different things.  A few things are drunken driving, public intoxication, assault and last but not least cocaine possesion while in college.  NICE HIRE FUCKEHEADS!  Once again i say this...... Background checks!  Just fucking do it!
    We've got school board members talking shit about our coaches within the system.  Wanna know how I know?  Let me tell you about it!  This board member tells another coach shit about a certain one.  This same board member has been telling me this shit also.  So peeps I aint lying here!  This stupid fuck can't keep his mouth shut.  Plus he's a volunteer coach within the system!  His ass should be gone from coaching at all in this district!
    For this board member I have to say this...... Don't judge till you walk in these people's shoes.  Until you do, shut your fucking mouth!  Now to end my views.  I've just given you the tip of the iceberg here.  You see whats fucked up within this system.  Now it's time to make a difference at the voting booth.  Get some good board members in there to clean house.  We have 2 now!  We need 3 more!  Get the 3 tards out of there and get some real balls in there.  We do not and i repeat, DO NOT need board members partying with school officials.  Thats illegal!  If you have 3 or more board members or 2 or more board members having meetings amongst themselves or hanging out with administration thats called a meeting and needs minutes posted and to be documented on everything they talk about.
    To much bullshit is going on within this district and it needs to be rectified now!  I would love to run for school board but I've pissed off to many people to make this happen.  If your young, tell you parents your feelings.  If your of age, let your feelings be known!  Let's make something happen and help the students and teachers of this district now!

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