Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poor David Arquette.

  Like I do everyday, I read my 3 to 5 papers.  I get world news, national news, sports, lifestyles and such.  The one common thread I've noticed for the last few days is the break up of Courtney Cox Arquette and her husband David Arquette.
  I'm feeling kinda upset now.  I mean they had that11 year marriage that was rockfuckingsolid!  Infact, they made this beautiful child which they named the most beautiful name in the world.  CoCo.  Fucking retards!  Seems that ole David aint been getting any pussy from Courtney in the last 4 to 5 months.  SO he decides he's going to fuck some barmaid.  It happens.  It happens everyday in the world we live in.
   Seems that the ever so lovely Courtney is getting some young cock from some co-star on the t.v. show CougarTown.  She seems content with that.  What about CoCo?  (I'm shaking my head here of why someone would name their goddamn kid CoCo)  Well CoCo will be just fine.  Her mother is worth an estimated $100,000.00 dollars.  Her father..... Well, he should be living off of food stamps.  Her mother was on the top rated t.v. show "Friends" for 10 plus years.  Her father....Well he was in the movie "Scream".  He didnt do shit in it but he was still in it.  I guess that makes him a fucking movie star.
   Courtney has made other movies and continues to make a difference on t.v. with her show "CougarTown."
David has a beer belly and a cheesy gotee.  Courtney gives her time and money to charity's.  David gives himself handjobs.  Courtney has beautiful friends named Jennifer Anniston and Lisa Kudrow.  David has a cross dressing brother who likes to get beat up at downtown Hollywood nightclubs.
   Courtney admits she loves to give oral sex.  David admits he loves to pay for oral sex.  (Poor CoCo!)  Courtney loves to help the needy!  David loves to be needy.  David has some famous siblings.  That one old chick who ToTo wrote a song about.  The other one who's on a pretty damn good t.v. show but I can't remember her name.  Then theres that brother who thinks he's a woman that wants to fight everyone in the trashy part of Hollywood.
    Courtney, Jennifer and Lisa would look fantastic laying nude in a pile.  Well.... David is a pile of shit.  To end this rant.  I can't blame Courtney for fucking around.  Here's some help from me David.  LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR you stupid cunt!  Your the turd that made this all happen even if you didnt fuck around.  I mean for Christs sake brother you have never EVER done shit except that fucking retard movie Scream.
   It's time to get a job son.  I dont give a fuck if your shoveling snow in Alaska or wiping ass at the old folks home.  Just do something for yourself boy!

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