Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welfare vs. Homeless vs retired people.

  If you look at my friend to the left your going to notice one huge thing about him.  
He's wearing a hat!  Another huge thing about him is he's all bug eyed and has one huge fucking mouth!  Another story for another time about that.
    My rant today is about how this man is fucked.  He's homeless.  Sweet and simple as that.  Nothing more, nothing less.  He aint got no place to hang his hat or take a shit.
   Then you have people on social security.  They've worked their collective asses off for over 40 plus years to get a measly piece of shit check from the government!  These people sacrificed their whole lives to make a difference and when it comes to retirement, they get jack fucking shit! Way to go USA!
   Now it's time to talk about welfare.  You have some idiot fucktards getting pregnant everyday and getting paid!  These skinny ass crackwhore wannab'es are shooting out babies left and right because they know that the gubment will be supplying then with milk money, diapers, formula, ass wipes and assorted other things.  Then you have their straight up fuckhead mothers thinking this shit is all cool!  Both of them need a swift kick in the cunt!
    Now look at this picture.... You have Cleavon (Pictured above), begging everyday for a meal.  Somedays he's able to get some food for his hunger.  Otherdays, he aint getting shit.  He's living in a fucking cardboard box trying to stay warm during the frigid winter months!  He's hitting soup kitchens when he can.  If he can't hit them or find some cardboard, he's pretty much straight up fucked!
    You have Martha who's living on social security worrying how she's going to pay her utility bills.  She's trying to budget everything she can since her husband of 50 years has died.  The gubment was so generous to give her a stipend of $250.00 to help offset her husbands burial costs!  Thank you USA!!! Your so fucking generous!
     This poor lady is going to the local grocer and stocking up on cat food for the week!  She's bringing in her coupons for this said cat food because it's what her meals are for the week!   What the fuck is wrong with this picture people?
    Now you got that 18 year old piece of shit whore who is getting subsidies for her apartment.  She's getting food stamps so she can eat like a champ.  She's getting baby assistance!  She's getting college paid for by the gubment!  My lord above this is heaven for this cunt because she was a whore loved to suck cock and have her pussy ate out!  Bless this little angel's heart!   People are dying all across the United States of America everyday but it doesn't matter!  As long as this stupid piece of shit who whores herself out for smokes is getting checks all is good!  FUCK THAT!
     Next thing you know she's going to be a pariah of society like her fucked up mother and try to suck more shit out of the gubment!  I say give them one kid.  Give them 5 years to figure out life... If that doesnt work then take that kid and give it to a family that wants one and is willing to give it love and shelter.  Lord knows that the whore who had it has no fucking clue about life!  Wanna know why I know?  Because she's a fucking whore!
     We need to take care of the unwanted babies.  Thats simple as that.  Plenty of people who can't have children are willing to adopt everyday!  Get the whores and their idiot non wanting to work mothers out of the fucking picture!  Make these people find jobs and make something out of their lives!  I dont give a fuck if your making Egg (fucking) McMuffins!  Get a fucking job whore!
    Time to take some away from welfare and make more homeless shelters.  Most homeless people are mentally disabled.  It happens!  We as a society need to take care of them.  Learn them about life and help them be more independent!
    Wanna know what pisses me off more?  This whore who is shooting out kids and not giving a fuck is telling the gubment.... Don't worry about us for the next few years.. My boyfriend is going to be a lawyer soon!  hahaah  The motherfucker can't even spell lawyer!    Now back to my rant of social security....  The whore who is getting everything free hasn't done jack fucking shit for society and I've got Martha living down the street dying because she can't afford to eat.  NOW DONT TELL ME THATS NOT FUCKED UP!
   This whore can eat steak and Martha has to eat goddamn goldfish crackers.  Fuck you whore and your family for abusing the system!!!   You should all have to live in Martha's house for a year and learn what life is all about!

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